80% Lower Jig

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Our 80% Lower Jig provides the perfect blend of simplicity and technology. Proprietary in its design, our 80% jigs makes it easier than ever to complete your 80% lower. CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum and held to .001 +/- tolerances, our 80% jig guarantees overwhelming performance and precision for the DIY builder.

An 80% jig will streamline the process of finishing your 80% lower receiver while maintaining the desired aesthetics. No matter if you’re building your very first 80% lower or are an expert, this product will provides a positive experience for every skill level. Each jig comes with step-by-step instructions and has clearly marked dimensions machined in the jig. Plus, our 80% lower jigs come with live phone support. For any reason you have questions regarding the finishing of your 80% lower, we’re only a phone call away. Made 100% in the USA. Satisfaction guaranteed. No FFL required.

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