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80 Lower Jig

The landscape of the 80% lower jig has drastically changed over the past 5 years. Long gone are the days that an 80% lower jig required a drill press and several hours of labor. Today, the jigs are designed so that the builder, you, can complete an 80% lower in less than 30 minutes!

Modern day 80% lower jigs are designed so that the builder can complete an 80% lower receiver with a standard, handheld laminate router in less than 30 minutes. For the most part, these jigs are universally-designed to fit any lower receiver – regardless of caliber and custom design(s). A trend in the 80% lower jig market is not limited to universality. Jigs are also engineered so that users can quickly switch out finished lowers and insert their unfinished lowers in less than a minute.

Aside from the engineering feats, the 80% lower jigs are now integrating features that prevent user-error. For example, the more popular jigs have guides built-in to prevent users from slipping away and gouging parts of the lower receiver that should remain untouched. If that we not enough, the jigs also now require a single pilot hole to be drilled. That is leaps-and-bounds ahead of what was a previous standard number of holes that need to be drilled – 14 or 28!

Features of an 80% Lower Jig:

  • No FFL Required
  • Solid Steel Plate Construction
  • Only Requires a Single Pilot Hole
  • Completes 80% Lower Using Handheld Router
  • Re-Usable Unlimited Amount of Times
  • Made in the USA

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