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80% Lower Jigs

The 80% Lower Jig is a mandatory tool to finish your own 80% lower. The effort required to complete an 80% lower receiver is done using an AR-15 80% Lower Jig and simple, affordable tools such as: a basic hand-drill, a drill press (optional), a basic laminate router, a few drill bits and an end mill bit. That really is all you need. The milling required is a series of simple steps, and our kits come with instructions in both the form of video instructions and physical paper manuals. The end product is a 100% Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver that is now ready installation of your AR-15 lower parts kits and upper receiver or fully assembled AR-15 upper. In a single afternoon, you can finish milling and be sending brass down the range by sunset.

Our AR-15 80% Lower Jigs are designed for ultimate efficiency and incredible durability. With a single 80% lower jig, you can complete 20+ 80% lowers without having to replace a single plate of the jig. Our jigs and our instructions prevent errors with built-in fail point prevention mechanisms. Completing your own 80% lower can be achieved in a single afternoon with a few tools and some attention-to-detail.

Benefits of AR-15 80% Lower Jigs:

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