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Forged 80% Lower Jig Kit

Forged 80% Lower Jig Kit

A Forged 80% Lower Jig Kit is a package that gives amateur AR-15 builders the same quality, tolerances and quality that the “big boys” like Smith & Wesson, Colt and Stag Arms use for their AR-15 builds. Forged 80% lowers are the most popular 80% lowers, well-known and trusted lowers available on the market today.

The term “forged” refers to the manufacturing process used to create the lower. Basically, forgings are created taking two similarly shaped halves of hot aluminum and hammering them together. Their exterior profile is then cleaned up at our machine shop resulting in a clean, Mil-Spec lower at an affordable price.

Our AR-15 80% Lower Jigs are designed for ultimate efficiency and incredible durability. With a single 80% lower jig, you can complete 20+ 80% lower receivers without having to replace a single plate of the jig. Our jigs and our instructions prevent errors with built-in fail point prevention mechanisms. Completing your own 80% lower can be achieved in a single afternoon with a few tools and some attention-to-detail.

Benefits of Forged 80% Lower Jig Kits:

  • No FFL Required
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • AR-15 Jig Cuts Finish Time in Half
  • AR-15 Jig Can Finish 20+ 80% Lower Receivers
  • Each AR-15 Jig Plate is Individually Replaceable
  • Can Be Shipped to Your Door
  • How-To Videos & Instruction Manual
  • Made in the USA

Get to buildin’.

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