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7 Upgrades to Your AR15Lower Receiver that Make a Big Impact

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The AR15 platform is widely adaptable and customizable. There are often jokes made that the AR15 is like Legos for adults. There are so many mods and accessories for an AR, it can be overwhelming at times. Something to always consider when looking at modifications is function vs aesthetics? There is nothing wrong with good looking mods, but we always encourage users to focus on the functionality of every mod first. Making sure that an attachment doesn’t fail you, or at a minimum does not interfere with functioning properly, should be a priority. Because we like you, we gathered a list of the 7 of the most functional upgrades you can do your AR15lower receiver and upper.

1 - Optics and Sights The first upgrade you should make is to the way you aim your rifle. Without a good set of sights or a quality optic, you are going to quickly grow frustrated by your lack of accuracy. People ask should I go with a scope or a set of sights? We say go with both, but if you can only afford one, you can’t go wrong with a quality set of iron sights by a well-known company like Magpul.

2, 3, & 4 - AR15lower Receiver Parts So once you have your AR15lower receiver you get the opportunity to install a few smaller, but functional upgrades. A few popular options are upgrading the grip, trigger, and safety. Some dislike the A2 style grip and have a big preference to the Magpul pistol grip. It’s smooth but stippled for grip, and it fills the hand well.

Many people also like a more refined trigger. The don’t need a match grade trigger, but a refined premium trigger is a lot better than a mil spec option. The right parts are buffed and polished to give smoother trigger pull. Lastly, a good ambidextrous safety makes running the rifles easier and makes it much more ergonomic. If these sound good to you check out our premium lower parts kit.

AR15Lower Receiver Upgrades

5 - Foregrip A foregrip fits on the rail of your rifle and is an upper receiver upgrade. There are a variety of different grip options like vertical foregrips, magazine well grips, and of course angled foregrips. Angled foregrips are the newest style and are designed to help shooters control the muzzle as they fire by using a C-clamp grip. These angled foregrips make it easier to wrap your hand around the rail and push the rifle back into your shoulder. Angled foregrips can also be used on AR pistols while vertical foregrips cannot. The Magpul angled foregrip is the original and perfect for an MLOK build. 

6 - Buttstock The stock is an important part of any rifle. A good stock makes shooting a rifle comfortable and can help with inherent accuracy. A quality stock like the Magpul A frame stock offers a lot to shooters. The forward cheek rest is comfortable, the sling mounts are numerous and the stock is lightweight and well built. It is no surprise that this made the top 7. 

7 - Magazine The most common error-causing part in a semi-automatic rifle is the magazine. Without a quality magazine, you are likely to run into feeding issues. Magpul’s 30-round and 10-round magazines are high-quality options with anti-tilt followers. These are lightweight, polymer magazines that are used by military forces around the world. 

We sell numerous upgrades for the AR 15 rifle, many of which are listed above. Find your next AR15Lower Receiver upgrade here:

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