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80% Lower Receivers

80% Lower Receivers

An 80% Lower Receiver is the first thing you are going to need when building your own custom AR-15. Whether you have experience or this is your first time, 80% lowers are the foundation for any AR build. These lowers are only 80% complete (hence “80% lower”), so that means they do not require an FFL (Federal Firearm License) transfer. By design, the 80% Lower Receiver requires that the builder mill out the fire control group area, therefore, converting the 80% lower into a 100% completed lower receiver.

All of the work required to complete the 80% lower receiver is done using an AR-15 Jig and basic tools such as: a standard hand-drill, drill press (optional), a basic laminate router, drill bits and end mills bits. That’s it. The work itself is very straightforward, and our kits come with instructions in both the form of video and physical paper manuals. The end product is a fully-functional, Mil-Spec lower receiver that is ready for installation of your lower parts kits and upper assembly. In a single afternoon, you could be done milling and blasting brass at the range by dinnertime.

Benefits of 80% Lower Receivers:

  • No FFL Required
  • 100% Mil-Spec
  • Constructed of 7075 aluminum
  • Beautiful Mil-Spec Black Anodization
  • “Fire/Safe” Safety Selector Engravings
  • Made in the USA

Get to buildin’.

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