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80 Lower

If you’re going the route of an 80% lower for your next AR build, you’re on the right path. We carry more options for 80% lower receivers than anyone else on the internet at wildly affordable prices.

An 80% lower is a beautiful thing because they inherently do not require a serial number if you complete it yourself (CA laws in July, 2018 changing this a bit). Since they don’t require a serial number or overbearing government oversight, you are able to build as many ARs as you want in the comfort of your own garage without any FFL paperwork. Few tools and little equipment are required to complete an 80% lower receiver. With the assistance of an 80% lower jig, you can have your lower receiver completed in 15 minutes or less!

There are various options of 80 percent lowers available on our store offering you freedom of choice. Whether that is your color choice of anodized black or raw, fire/safe engraved or no engraving, premium features or standard, you will be hard-pressed to not find a lower to suit your specific needs.

Features of an 80% Lower:

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