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AR-15 Build Kits

AR-15 Kits are the best way for you to get every AR-15 part you need to build your custom AR from the ground up. We create our AR-15 build kits to include every spring, pin and screw you’re going to need to build your own AR-15 rifle at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. The options available range from 5.56 or 300 blackout build kits that include MagPul furniture, varying barrel surround styles, a lower parts kit and a Mil-Spec 80% lower receiver.

Our AR-15 build kits are Made in the USA and packaged so that you can buy every piece you need for your build in a single purchase. AR-15 build kits can be shipped directly to your door without any FFL or paperwork because it’s not a functional rifle until you complete the 80% lower receiver. Completion requires the builder to finish machining an 80% lower receiver using an 80 lower jig, removing the material from the fire control group area and drilling the trigger and fire/safety selector switch pin holes. The completion of an 80% lower takes 2-4 hours, and installing the lower parts kit can take 1-2 hours. You can start your build in the morning and send brass down range by sunset.

Our AR-15 build kits are 100% Mil-Spec and guaranteed to fit with any Mil-spec AR-15 parts manufacturer’s products. Get to buildin’.

Why Is It Legal To
Build Your Own AR-15?

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