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AR Parts

AR Parts

Quality, American-made AR-15 parts for customizing your rifle or pistol.

Part of the fun of owning an AR-15 is the ability to easily customize it. Whether it's adding a new foregrip or trigger, replacing your bulky handguard with a lightweight unit, slappin' on a sling, or replacing that basic A2 flash hider with a proper compensator or flash hider, we've got you covered with quality, US-made components.


Mil-Spec and Upgraded LPKs

The most important part of assembling your AR-15 is the installation of the lower parts kit. That's why we've carefully selected a quality catalogue of LPKs that satisfy mil-spec fitment - allowing them to work with all our available 80% lowers - and upgraded lower parts with enhanced grips and custom, high-performance coatings that improve trigger feel and function.


Complete Lower Build Kits

Got a barreled upper assembly that you're ready to put to work? We have the critical other half your custom AR build available in our complete lower build kits. These units ship with parts kits, a buffer assembly and stock or brace (for rifles and pistols) and an 80% lower that you get to fabricate to make a truly custom, from-scratch stripped lower receiver.


AR Stocks and Pistol Braces

Getting a good cheek weld and having a lil' extra comfort behind the gun can help make shooting your AR rifle or pistol even better. We've sourced some of the most popular AR stock and brace options for any setup, all available at a great price. Need a conventional six-position buttstock? Grab an O.G. M4-type stock for only $10! Need to outfit your lower receiver with a full buffer assembly, too? Check out our available stock an brace kits.


Upgraded Pistol Grips

Let's face it: The AR's stock pistol grip gets the job done, but it's outdated. New grips with better angles and materials can make a world of difference in how you maneuver and aim with your black rifle. We've got some of the most popular options from Magpul and UTG, with over-molded grips also available for large hands and better comfort. Check 'em out here.


AR Slings and Sling Mounts

Most new AR builders are so excited to part together their new rifle or pistol, they forget one of the most important accessories: A proper sling. We've got comfortable, battle-ready options from Magpul and others, with easy-to-install sling mounts and plates that make hanging your AR off your sling - and getting it into the high-ready position - natural and smooth.


Other AR-15 Accessories

 Looking for that one way to improve your AR like nobody else? That one accessory that makes your rifle or pistol shoot better, provide easier control, or simply more mag access? Check out our AR accessories. We've got some one-off upgrades like 9mm conversion blocks, double mag holders, the infamous B.A.D. lever for quicker mag swaps, and quality rifle cases.

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