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Rifle Sling

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Rifle Sling

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Rifle Sling

One of the greatest accessories to the AR15 is the venerable Rifle Sling. This simple-at-appearance accessory can actually function as one of the most accuracy-building pieces of your rifle, next to your very person. Do you think Rifle Slings are just simple straps that dangle around? Think again. Take a browse and you’ll find we offer different configurations that serve their own purposes and benefits.

Rifle Slings used the right way will provide stability, better shot groups and more accuracy standing, kneeling, and prone. Choose from a simple two-point harness which is great for long treks as a classic Rifle Sling, or get a little fancy and use a three-point harness sling that provides different carrying methods and plenty of tension for heavier rifles.

A quality Rifle Sling can even make your AR15 Pistol a tack driver. With a rear sling attachment and even just a simple single-loop Rifle Sling, you can push out against your AR Pistol and create valuable tension for a steady sight picture and quick follow-ups. Rifle Slings are the perfect alternative to the new, hyped up arm brace everyone’s sticking on their AR Pistols – if you refer a cleaner look, you’ve found the right place!

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