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AR-15 Triggers: The Full Guide & Troubleshooting

Building your first black rifle? In this guide, we’re breaking down AR-15 triggers from start to finish. We’ll explain how the standard trigger works, what types of triggers you can buy or upgrade with, and which is best for your own build’s needs. Lastly, we’ll go over how to troubleshoot your trigger assembly, including how […]

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AR-15 Gas Systems: The Complete Guide

A regular AR-15 fires, ejects, and chambers rounds using either a direct-impingement or piston-operated gas recoil system. That’s a mouthful, let’s just call it a gas system either way. Just like the AR-15 comes in a plethora of calibers and configuration, so too does its gas system. There is no real, “universal” logic for picking […]

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How to Complete a Polymer 80 Percent Lower

Finishing a polymer 80 percent lower is another alternative to buying a stripped lower receiver for your AR build. Before polymer units came out, you’d be stuck choosing between a billet or forged aluminum lower. Drilling and cutting aluminum can be challenging (even dangerous) if you never handled power tools. Not sure what a polymer […]

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The Most Affordable 80 Lower Jigs of 2019

Many shooters build their AR-15s at home to save on costs. By putting in the work yourself, you’re saving cash on labor. You’re also avoiding all the gun store fees and marked-up prices that come with buying a firearm over-the-counter. The affordable alternative involves the 80% lower and an 80 lower jig. If you’re reading […]

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