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3 Premium AR Build Kits that Will Make You Drool

A firearm is but a tool and for every job there exists the perfect tool. When it comes to AR builds, there are seemingly more options than grains of sand on the beach. You can get short rifles, long rifles, gold rifles and even pink if you want to pew with a little flare.

While we support the right for every American to pew in the manner they see fit, the amount of options can often be overwhelming. So for the purpose of this article we are doing to simplify this for you and highlight three premium AR build kits that will indeed make you drool.

One commonality that you will see is that they all start with the freedom loving 80% lower receiver. If you are indeed going to build, then we say build it right and that starts with the 80 lower.

So let’s jump right in and tackle these three premium builds.

The AR-15 Rifle Build Kit

The most common of the three, the AR-15 rifle has become America’s favorite method of pew. Synonymous with America combat itself, the military version has seen action from the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan over the past 50 years.

As mentioned, this build kit has everything you need to mate with the completed 80 percent lower. To complete an 80% lower you will need one of our quality American made jigs. However, these jigs are easy to use and reusable making them a worthy investment.

Getting a little more specific, this AR-15 Build Kit 5.56 16” mid length stainless steel barrel and 12” M-Lock free float rail. It even includes the 80% lower that you will need to kick things off. Remember, until the 80% lower is completed the ATF doesn’t consider this a firearm. So you can purchase and have it shipped right to your front door without an FFL.

All of our products are premium and all of them are backed by our 100% guarantee. This particular package is ready for action today.

The AR-15 Pistol Kit

It might sound odd to say the word AR and pistol in the same sentence, but many shooters are enamoured with the functionality of the AR-15 Pistol. It looks a little like Han Solo’s laser in Star Wars, but this build gives you the ability to operate in close quarters and tight angles while bringing to bear the power of the AR. This also allows you to essentially have a short barreled rifle without filing the taxes and paperwork. Without a butt stock, the ATF considers this a pistol rather than a rifle.

So again, getting more specific this AR-15 Pistol Kit comes with a 10.5” barrel that offers great balance between. It has a twist rate of 1:7 and comes with Magpul (MOE) handguard. Built right here in America for the American shooter. Again, it looks a little quirky but take it from Greedo, you don’t want to be on the other end of this Han Solo looking gun when fired in anger.

The 300 Blackout Kit

Finally, because why not have one more option to drool over I present to you the 300 Blackout. The 300 Blackout was designed from lessons learned after decades of close quarters combat. The men who gift violence to our enemies on our behalf desired a hard hitting round that could operate in close quarters and as silently as possible.

The great thing about the 300 Blackout is that it can cycle from sonic to subsonic ammunition by simply changing the magazine. In addition, it is great at penetrating barriers and walls.

The Blackout comes in both rifle and pistol versions, but we think this 300 Blackout Freedom Rifle Kit is pretty top notch.  You can get it in either a 16” or 13.5” barrel, although we think the 300 Blackout is best utilized with a shorter barrel. Made from 7075 forged aluminum and of course, it comes with your handy 80 percent lower.

All three of these builds are enough to make you drool, but the real joy comes after the purchase. Pick up these freedom offerings and other products of 2A liberty at today and hit the range for some pew, pew pew tomorrow.


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