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3 Reasons to Buy an 80% Lower from

The worldwide interwebz is full of a billion different sites trying to sell you a billion different products. While it is true we sell products as well, we like to think of ourselves as dispensers of liberty and chief exporters of pew. So if you have found your way to this particular article then you are likely in the market for a quality AR build. Building your own AR is a fascinatingly easy and yet dangerously addictive process. If you head down this path you only want to do it right and with quality products. So why us? Let us bring you into our universe a bit with the top 3 reasons to buy an 80% lower from

An 80% Lower is Liberty in Action

Lest we skip over the obvious, let’s first tackle why you should be in the market for a quality 80% lower receiver in the first place. As you know, the gun grabbers have left no stone unturned in their attempt to creatively undermine the inalienable right bear arms. Well, little do they know the gun community can get a little creative too. Introducing the 80 lower receiver from

An 80% lower is your standard lower receiver of an AR that is 80% complete. I know, whoever named this product was a genius. However, because part of the receiver that holds the trigger mechanisms has not been hollowed out the ATF has no authority as it is not a firearm. Despite their frustrations, they are forced to classify this as nothing more than a big useless hunk of metal. It is only after picking up a 80 lower jig and finish the milling process that it is considered a firearm. So buy as many as you like and have them shipped right to your front door with no FFL required!

Our Products are 100% American Made

It is not just that buying American helps the American economy, but it’s that no one does firearms like the United States of America. This is the land of pew and when you are building your AR you don’t want to trust the cheapest imported parts to save you on the day you need it most. Gun owners are patriots and we’ve made the decision to supply patriots with a little piece of America in each product.

This is what the gun grabbers will never understand about guns in America. This is part of our culture and it’s a lifestyle more than it is an object. We can’t envision an America without the 2nd Amendment. That’s why here at we work so hard to ensure you have the right to bear arms despite the most creative laws thrown on the books. We’ve even got our brothers and sisters behind enemy lines in California covered!

We Guarantee Our Products for Life!

Finally, we are extremely proud of our lifetime guarantee. Not only does this speak volumes about our confidence in our products, but it displays are commitment to you. The American shooter who deserves the best. Not to mention, when it comes to an 80% lower do you really want to a buy a product from a company unwilling to guarantee a big shaped hunk of metal? So feel free to shop around our full range of products with patriotic confidence that we’ve got your back. See all we have to offer at today and start building you beautiful liberty loving AR tomorrow.



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