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3 Things to Look for When Buying an 80 Lower

While the entire planet is freaking out about the “ghost gun” craze as 3D printed guns hit the news, the rest of the pew community is keen to this discernible truth. More effective guns are being made at home throughout this nation right this very minute. In fact, one can only hope that some evil doer comes at you with a plastic gun while you have a quality AR built at home with your very own hands. The key to building a firearm at home is the 80 Lower for reasons we will explain. Start with this piece of metal and before you know it, you’ll have a quality built firearm that you would put up against a “ghost gun” anyday. Here are three essential things to look for when buying an 80 Lower.

Start with a Reputable Brand

If you don’t know the story behind the 80 lower yet, I’ll sum it up quickly. Basically, an 80 Lower is the lower receiver of an AR that is 80% complete. The benefit of having it 80% complete is that until you finish the milling process with a quality and easily available 80 lower jig, the ATF doesn’t consider it a firearm. That means you can buy as many as you want and have them shipped right to your house without the need for an FFL.

This isn’t some clandestine adventure as it is all completely legal. That being said, it’s an absolutely hot topic in the gun community right now and as a result everyone is trying to cash on the action. So starting with a trusted reputable brand is essential. If we might be so bold as to suggest as we guarantee everyone of our products for life. Anyone unwilling to do the same is just second fiddle in our book.

Buy American and Love America

The next thing we would suggest is to purchase quality American made products. No one on the planet does pew like the United States of America. Guns have been an essential part of our culture since the first settlers crossed the Atlantic. It’s in our DNA and it comes out in American craftsmanship. We sell nothing but 100% American made.

Beyond stimulating the American economy, you can trust that an American made product from us will be reliable when you need it most. Due to the nature of an 80% lower simply being a big hunk of metal, it is easy for some try to knock off an inferior production. Trust in America and your faith will be rewarded.

Find the Specs You Want

Finally, it is important to find the right specs you are looking for in an 80% Lower. There are not too many variations, but enough that you want to be sure you get it right. If you want to read a great guide on all the various aspects I’d recommend you check out 80 Lower Receivers: The Difference between a Good and Bad Lower.

Is it made of pot metal or is it made of aluminum? If it’s aluminum then is it 6061 or the stronger 7075? Is it cast, forged or billeted? Do you want the fire/safe option? It’s not overly complicated but nor are all quality 80 Lowers the same. So to sum up, start with a reputable brand, buy American and do a little research into the specs. If you do that, you simply can’t go wrong. Before you know it you’ll have a quality build that ma would be proud of!



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