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3 Ways to Mill an 80% Lower

The firearm universe and versatility go hand in hand as there are few cases where there is only one right way to do something. When it comes to the process of milling an 80% lower it is much the same.

Some options offer more precision and some offer better budgets, but in the end just so long as you have a beautiful piece of American made machinery that’s ready to pew then you ended well. There are pros and cons to each that we feel you should know before making a decision.

We simply ask that you make this decision with respect to the fact that a firearm is an investment and sometimes going the cheapest route on your investment doesn’t wind up saving you anything at all. First, let’s cover the obvious.

Yes, You Need an 80 Lower Jig

If you plan to just eyeball this thing with whatever tool you plan to use, then we suggest you buy your 80 percent lower receivers in bulk because brother you are going to need them. Not only that, I’d prefer not to stand next to you on the range when you fire that baby for the first time.

Here at, we manufacture 80 lowers to the point that we feel 100% comfortable offering you a 100% guarantee on the product.

There are precision depths that you have to hit and there isn’t much room for wide margins of error here. So regardless of what tool you land on, grab the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform or something similar and do this thing right.

Again, this weapon is an investment and with our 80 lower jigs you can complete one 80 percent lower after the other. Now let’s talk the tools.

Milling an 80% Lower with an Electric Hand Drill

The benefit to using an electric hand drill to mill your 80% lower of any variety is that most every household has one. That’s about it. That’s about the singular benefit we can think of when considering completing one with an electric hand drill. Not to mention that if the most powerful thing you’ve done with your hand drill is hang some curtains, then don’t even bother tapping into some high quality 6061 or 7075 aluminum.

A hand drill simply doesn’t provide the steady axis you need and it takes zen like concentration to achieve the precision necessary. So if you are not the Bruce Lee of hand drills, then we don’t recommend this option at all. We do fully guarantee all of our products, but you can’t return the thing back to us looking like a slice of swiss cheese.

Milling an 80% Lower with a CNC Machine

Now, if it is precision you want then let’s talk rolling out a CNC machine. The pros to using this tool is that it eliminates human error and you can complete an 80% lower to milspec standards. The downside to using a CNC machine is that who in the heck has a CNC machine sitting around their garage? Not to mention who knows how to program them effectively? However, if you do and you have one then more power to you and the perfect pew that is to follow.

Milling an 80% Lower with a Drill Press and Router

Finally, we come to the most common and logical method. In fact, most modern 80 lower jigs allow you to complete the process without a drill press at all. With the right jig, you can simply use a handheld router and it will guide you through the process like coloring in the lines on a coloring book.

It really is that easy and with this method, you can complete the 80% lower in 15 to 30 minutes if you really wanted to. So those are three methods, with one sticking out above them all.

Remember, we do guarantee all our products with a 100% no hassle guarantee and they are all 100% American made.


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