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4 Best 80 Lower Build Kits

So, you’ve decided to build yourself an AR-15 from an 80% lower. First of all, great choice! However, you may find yourself wondering what your next step might be. In this article, we will recommend a few different kits that you could use to finish out your 80% lower. They kind of run the gamut of all your possibilities, so be sure to check them all out!

1. Ultimate Build Kit

Our first recommendation is this ultimate AR-15 build kit. This one takes all of the guesswork out for you. Every single thing that you need to build your AR is included, to include all the tools. We will list each of the included parts, but the long story short is that you can buy this build kit and not have to buy a single other thing to finish out your build.

This build kit includes your 80% lower, the excellent Easy Jig Gen 2 with all of the bits required, the router required to mill the lower, your entire lower parts kit, a buffer tube and butt stock, an excellent upper receiver with a full length M-Lok handguard and a mid-length gas system, your bolt carrier group, Magpul flip-up sights, a sling for the rifle, a weapon case, and all of the tools you will need to finish the build, such as an armorer’s wrench and a punch set.

Like we mentioned earlier, this is a complete kit to build your weapon. While it is somewhat pricey, buying all of the parts together will save on shipping and make your shopping experience extremely easy. Similarly, if you’re not too familiar with the AR weapon system, this will make it extremely easy to ensure you’ve got what you need.

The one con of buying a kit like this is that you aren’t able to pick out specific parts, although you can always upgrade later.

2. AR-15 Build Kit

With a build kit like this one, you are getting a full weapon build kit, but without the router and jig. If this isn’t your first build, this may be a great option for you, since you’ve already got the jig. Similarly, if you’ve already got the router, it may be cheaper for you to take this route.

In this kit, you’ll get the lower, a complete upper receiver, a bolt carrier group and charging handle, a lower parts kit, and a buffer tube and buttstock. This upper has a more traditional look with a fixed front sight, but for some extra money you can get this build kit with the sleeker looking M-Lok handguard:

AR-15 Build Kit - 5.56 (13.5" M-Lok Upper & 16" Stainless Barrel) with Fire/Safe Engraved 80% Lower Receiver

With this build kit, all you’ll need is a jig with tooling and a router. After that, you’re all set to go. Once again, it places all of the parts in one place for you, but limits your customization options, unless you customize it after completing it.

3. AR-15 Pistol Kit

Interested in making an AR-15 pistol? We’ve got you covered on that too! These weapons are much shorter and sleeker, but generally serve some different purposes. The laws vary from state to state, so be sure you know your local laws regarding pistols and whether or not you can have a pistol that is fired from the shoulder.

With this build kit, you’re getting everything you need to complete an 80% lower pistol, with the exception of the router and the jig. Essentially, it is the same as the last kit we talked about, just in a pistol configuration.

This specific kit has a 7 inch barrel with a Keymod handguard, but there are a few different options available.

You can find a 7 inch barrel with an M-Lok handguard or an 8.5 inch barrel with a Keymod handguard here.

If you’ve never considered an AR-15 pistol before, be sure to check out your local laws and consider one prior to your next build. These little weapons are fun!

4. AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Lastly, maybe you are only looking to complete the lower receiver, and can handle buying an upper on your own. While you can order individual parts of a lower parts kit, it is way more convenient to purchase them all together. It will ensure that you’re not forgetting anything.

Check out this premium lower parts kit:

AR-15 / Premium Lower Parts Kit

This kit offers some improved parts when compared to the classic lower parts kit. The improved parts will help your shot and make the weapon smoother, but both options are durable.

Similarly, you can purchase the lower parts kit with an 80% lower, if you’ve already got everything else you need to mill the lower. One of those examples can be found here.

Just to reiterate, this isn’t a full build kit, per se. You will still need an upper receiver, charging handle, bolt carrier group, buffer tube, and butt stock. However, these parts are easy to find on their own. The lower parts kit is probably the most confusing part of the build. For this reason, we recommend buying a complete lower parts kit.  


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