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4 Best AR-15 Parts for Your 300 Blackout

4 Best AR-15 Parts for Your 300 Blackout

Building a 300 Blackout-chambered AR-15 is a great investment. The 300 Blackout cartridge can do just about anything – speed shooting, hunting, plinking, home defense, you name it. It can be fired suppressed, unsuppressed, subsonic or supersonic. But owning a weapon with such versatility requires a bit of accessorizing. Handling all those different purposes means supporting your weapon system with a gold standard setup, if you will (and the right accessories).

Ultimate 300 Blackout Kit
  1.    A Full-Built 300 Blackout Upper

We won’t mince words, here: Making a 300 Blackout-chambered AR-15 function reliability in any of its four possible configurations requires some serious engineering, precision manufacturing, and professional quality control. If you’re an experienced builder, you could get away with piecing together your own 300 Blackout upper.

For the sake of reliability, safety, accuracy, and cost, we strongly recommend investing in a full-built 300 Blackout upper. A preassembled 300 Blackout upper has the headspacing just right, the feed ramps setup and polished, and the gas system tuned to handle all those shooting configurations. Save yourself the trouble, get a full-built upper. You can always tweak it later, like swapping out your barrel.

  1.    Pistol Stabilizing Brace

300 Blackout rifles are cool, but the real benefit of building a 300 Blackout gun is the compact, lightweight, and accurate nature of the thing. That generally means building a gun with a pistol-length barrel. Now, that would normally mean getting a $200 tax stamp and jumping through hoops of legal paperwork.

But you don’t have to do all that. Want to rock a 10.5” upper? Invest in a proper pistol brace. Yes, you can legally shoulder them, the ATF even said so. This also helps that kickass 300 Blackout pistol handle with better accuracy, recoil mitigation, and general comfort.

  1.    80% Lower Jig

We’ll assume you’re here because you want to build your 300 Blackout rifle or pistol at home, from scratch – and we love that! To do that, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment. Remember, 300 Blackout is supposed to shoot four different ways, and getting it to do so reliably means building with precision.

To get that level of precision, you’ll need an 80 Lower Jig. Our jigs will guarantee that your newly-machined 80 lower will accept a parts kit and function perfectly, whether you’re building a rifle or a pistol, and whether you’re shooting supersonic or subsonic loads.

  1.    Pistol- or Carbine-Length Gas System

All our 300 Blackout rifle and pistol kits use either a pistol-length or carbine-length gas system, and for good reason: These two gas system lengths are the only two that can reliability handle 300 Blackout in any configuration with any barrel length, suppressed or unsuppressed, super or sub.

If you decide to swap out that barrel on your 300 Blackout (whether you just built it, or bought it from elsewhere), you’ll want to stick with one of these gas systems. Fate would have it, all our barrels – which are made to the highest standard using heat treatment and precision rifling – use either of these two gas systems.

Whatever your 300 Blackout build looks like, just keep these four critical components in mind. These four things will save you cash, guarantee your new 300 Blackout gun is reliable and accurate, and they’ll set you up for future builds and fun.



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