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5 Must-Read Articles on AR Lower Receivers

Here at AR-15 Lower Receivers we value our customers, and while we are primarily in the business of selling AR Lower Receivers we also like to keep our readers informed. This is why we host this blog with how-to articles, tips and tricks, and general information. We aim to give our customers as much information as possible. Not only so they make an educated purchase, but also for after their purchase they have an awesome resource to check back on. If you are new to AR 15 Lower Receiver, here are our top 5 articles on the AR Lower Receiver.

Ways to Complete an 80% Lower Receiver

In this article we dive into the different methods to turn an 80% AR Lower Receiver into a 100% receiver. Since doing so requires milling, we covered the top 5 methods to go from 80% to 100% in just a few hours. We covered the most expensive methods from a CNC machine, down to a basic hand drill. This article outlined the pros and cons of using each method, as well as explaining what the machines are. (Our favorite method is still the Router.)

6061 vs 7075 Aluminum: What’s the Difference?

The topic of 6061 and 7075 receivers is often debated. Who doesn’t love a solid gun-related debate? The gun world loves to have friendly debates so it’s no surprise this is a popular blog post. We covered what the difference is between 6061 and 7075 aluminum for your AR lower receiver, and compared them with an objective viewpoint. We compared the mechanical properties and the pros of both types of aluminum. We tend to appreciate them both.

Choosing A Lower Receiver: Stripped Lower Receiver Vs 80% Lower

Here we took a look at both standard stripped lowers and 80% lowers. In this article we defined which is which, and the advantages of going either route. We covered almost every aspect of going the 80% route vs. going with the stripped lower. This includes price, availability, convenience, and ease of use. Are still confused which route to go? Check this piece out and you’ll walk away much more educated about AR Lower Receivers.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Lower Receiver

If you are new to rifle building, or new to guns in general, you may be asking a lot of questions about 80% lower receivers. 80% lower receivers open up a whole new list of expectations and questions. We took the questions we were asked most often and decided to answer them in a blog post for everyone’s benefit.  If you have questions regarding the 80% lower receiver, check here first.

Why Is It Legal To Build Your Own AR15?

An important question that builders ask is always, “Is it legal to build a gun?” That’s an easy question to answer, yes! In the United States, it is legal do build a gun. The why it is legal is a little more complicated. Here we’ve taken the task of explaining why it’s legal, where the AR Lower Receiver comes into play, and the laws surrounding the legality of building a gun. This is always a good post to read, even if you already have built your own AR15.

These are our top 5 blogs surrounding lower receivers. If you are new to building guns, 80% lowers, or AR-15s in general this is an excellent place to start. If you still have questions, check the rest of our blog posts. Otherwise, explore our selection of AR Lower Receivers for your next build here:


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