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5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your 80 Lower Receiver Build

Our staff, as you might imagine, has built their fair share of rifles. By doing so, we have picked up some efficiencies as well as tips. With that said, we wanted to share our 5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your 80 Lower Receiver Build.

#1  Take Your Time – Take your time on your builds. When it comes to milling, there is no need to rush anything. If you are taking 2 to 3 hours to finish an 80 lower receiver, you are in good company. If you are taking longer than that, great. A little oops can become a big oops if you start rushing things. Stop, take breaks, drink some water, eat a snack, take a nap, read and re read the directions. Just take your time and make sure you measure twice and mill once. Taking your time will keep you from turning your 80 lower into a paperweight. 

#2  Use High Quality Parts – When building a rifle, go with high-quality parts. You will thank yourself later. The ten-dollar difference between some parts is going to pay for itself. This could be paying you back by saving you time, increasing your build quality, and having your rifle last longer.

In our own builds, we go with high-quality 80 lower receivers, jigs, tools, sights, etc. Purchasing high-quality items is an investment, not just a purchase.

80 Lower Receiver Build


#3  Build the Rifle You Want – If you are going to build a rifle, build the rifle you want to build. We all have budgets, but sometimes it’s better to be a little more patient, save a little more money, and buy the parts you want. One of the biggest reasons to build a rifle is to build the rifle you want! Get the 80 lower receiver you want, get the upper receiver you want, get everything you want. Feel free to be picky when it comes to building a rifle.

#4  Protect Your Finished Product – A solid rifle case is the best way to protect your guns when you are driving, when you’re flying, or just at the range. A hard sided locking case with a protective layer of foam is the best way to protect your rifle. Make sure it’s waterproof and can absorb the shock of drops, shakes, and kicks.

#5  If You Don’t Know What To Do, Ask – Lastly, if you are confused, and have no idea what to do, stop, take a breath and ask somebody. Who can you ask? Well, you can ask us. We build rifles, and we may be able to help you finish your build with some experienced advice. Contact Us Here

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