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80% Jig Options: What Are the Differences?

Building your very own AR-15 has innumerable benefits. The AR’s modular design allows for complete customization of individual components along with the advantage of building a rifle that is specific to your shooting needs.

When using an 80% lower receiver for your AR build, it’s best to use an 80% lower jig in conjunction. By using a quality 80% jig your project will fit and function with your upper receiver as if it was milled on a CNC machine.

80% lower jigs are simple to use and make the process of completing your 80% lower much easier. These handy fixtures can make all the difference when seeking to keep both tolerances and aesthetics at the highest level.

80% Jig Options: What’s the Difference?

While most 80% lower jigs are similar in nature, different manufactures do offer slight variations. Any 80% jig will get the job done, but one might make completing your 80% lower easier than anther. There are also those that should be avoided and we will do our best to offer recommendations.

Vinyl Sticker

It may sound ludicrous to some, but it’s true nevertheless. There are companies manufacturing vinyl stickers that can be applied to your 80% lower and are meant to provide a template for drilling and milling.

If considering the sticker route, please remember that tight tolerances are not to be expected if using a vinyl sticker. Stickers cannot substitute for the type of quality a rigid jig will provide.

External Markings

Quality 80% jigs are manufactured with permanent markings and provide the user with reference points marked on the jig. These can include drilling or milling depths along with what size of bit to use in what areas.

These additional features will insure the end result is an 80% lower that performs well and you can be proud of.  While there are multiple jigs that do not offer external markings, we recommend choosing one that does.

Miscellaneous Top Plates

Several manufacturers of quality jigs provide more than one top plate with their 80% jig. This added feature makes it much easier to maintain consistency when milling detailed areas of the fire control group.

The additional plates on a quality jig will also be marked appropriately and should provide markings for drilling depth or bit size.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Whether 6061 aluminum or 7005 aluminum, be sure to purchase an 80% jig that is manufactured from the highest quality materials. Spending extra cash on a quality jig will guarantee you’ll have a jig that will last and can be used on additional 80% lower projects.

A quality jig will also provide a secure way to attach your drill press vise. Having a secure connection between the vise and jig is paramount when attempting to achieve the highest level of quality when milling and drilling.


While there are numerous manufactures offering 80% lower jigs, be sure and research what companies offer the best material and warranty. AR-15 Lower Receivers’ 80% jigs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, are CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and have external markings. For your convenience we also offer live phone support should you have any issues while completing your 80% lower.

Check out our 80% Lower Jig – 3 Pack and start your AR-15 build today. 


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