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80% Lower Jig – 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying One

If you’re considering how to effectively complete your 80% lower receiver, don’t overlook the convenience offered by a quality 80% jig. An 80% jig can save you time and provide a way to insure your AR-15 is finished with utmost precision.

What Makes A Quality 80% Lower Jig

Before you shell out the hard earned cash for an 80% jig, there are a few things you should consider. The overall quality of the jig you purchase will make a difference in your completed AR-15, both operationally and aesthetically. Insuring your 80% jig is quality will be time well spent. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing an 80% jig.

  1. What Material Is It Made From?

The first item of consideration should be what type of material the jig is made from. An 80% jig should be made from material that is durable and will be suitable to finish a multitude of lower receivers. AR-15 Lower Receivers prides themselves in manufacturing their 80% jigs from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. We believe both our jigs and your AR should reflect superior performance and ease of use.

  1. How Tight Are The Tolerances?

The tight tolerances of the 80% jig will insure both proper fit and function of your AR’s fire control group. Before you purchase your 80% jig, ask the manufacturer what tolerances held to when the jig is in the manufacturing process. Each AR-15 Lower Receivers 80% jig offers a +/- .001 tolerance. For illustration sake, a human hair measures around .005. When the integrity of your AR is on the line, we’re not interested in offering an inferior design.

  1. What Warranty Is Offered?

A reputable jig will come with a solid warranty. Be sure to ask the manufacturer what their warranty offers, along with the details of their return policy. There’s no reason for you to have any issues that cost you money you’ve worked hard to earn. Each 80% jig offered by AR-15 Lower Receivers comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. (Yes, you read it right!) If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return it to us within thirty days for a full refund. How’s that for service?

  1. Does It Include Step-By-Step Instructions?

Completing an 80% lower receiver may seem intimidating, but it’s not at all difficult. The 80% jig you purchase should come with step-by-step instructions and provide ease of use. Because we want your DIY AR-15 project to be a success, we’ve taken the time to include a set of easy to understand instructions with each of our jigs. You shouldn’t have to guess how to complete any project, so we make it easy.

  1. Does It Come With Customer Service? (In English)

If a company sells you something, they should also service it! Maybe we’re old fashioned but we still believe if you have an issue you should be able to talk to someone from the company. Before you buy a jig, find out if you receive any type of Customer Support with your purchase. We still believe the customer is #1 and we promise to take the time to answer any questions you might have. This means we offer live phone support if you decide to purchase one of our 80% jigs.

Yes, it’s Made In The USA

No stones hurled, but we still speak English at AR-15 Lower Receivers. And, we believe in supporting American businesses. Yes, our 80% jigs are made right here in the good old United States of America and we’re very proud to be American.


Taking the time to ask some common sense questions will make a big difference in the aesthetics and operation of your finished AR-15. If you decide to purchase a different 80% jig than what we offer, that’s fine with us. We won’t hold that against you. We appreciate you stopping by and please remember: shoot straight, have fun, and support the Second Amendment. If you have questions concerning our 80% lower jigs, please feel free to contact us.

“Great deal and easy to complete. Company very helpful if you run into a problem for first timers. These are better than polys and as good as if not better than the 6061 forges……highly recommend!” ~ Toby

Good product….great customer service. Would recommend and will be a returning customer.” ~ Chris

Just received my Jig. Very heavy duty. The one I received was bead blasted and had depth markings etched near the holes. I’m sure it will hold up to completing all five of my lowers for sure. Thanks Guys!!!!” ~ Mark  

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