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80% Lower Jig Buyer’s Guide: Navigating the Features of AR15 Jigs

There’s a lot of mystery and uncertainty surrounding the idea of machining your own 80% lower into a functional firearm – we’re here to help dispel some of that mystery by explaining how these AR15 Jig features work. What exactly makes an AR15 80% lower jig so easy to use? Keep reading for some easy summaries of our AR15 Jig features so you can learn just how easy it is to use one.

Each 80% Lower AR15 Jig is Universal

The best part about the AR15 is its uniform and universal lower receiver design. Whether you’re milling out an AR9, a standard AR15, or an AR10, the external dimensions of the lower receiver that necessitate fitment inside an 80% lower receiver are generally always the same – or at least similar enough that any AR15 jig will do the job easily. Any minor differences in size are accommodated by the AR15 Jigs’ ability to adjust its plates and drill depths. This means you can fit any 80% lower in the jig of your choice – whether forgedbillet, premium, skeletonized, or otherwise uniquely shaped.

Our 80% Lower AR15 Jigs Measure Everything for You

Even though you’re the one moving your router through your 80% lower and milling out all that aluminum, the jig itself is the one measuring and guiding your drill bit. There’s literally no measuring or guesswork when it comes to milling out your 80% lower because the jig is pre-configured to limit the movement of the router and drill bit for you.

AR-15 (80% Lower) 5D Tactical Jig with Tooling








The 5D Tactical 80% Lower Jig includes the tooling you need and it measures every cut for you!

Our AR15 Jigs Gauge your 80% Lower Drill Depths, Too

Any holes you need to drill for your lower parts kit are pre-gauged and their depth set by the 80% Lower AR15 Jig, too. This means you don’t need to guess how far you need to drill – you just put your finger on the button and push through the lower. With your depth measured, the jig does everything else for you. In case you ever mess up or dull an end mill bit, we’ve got you covered with hardened steel bits, too.

Our AR15 Jigs Feature Hardened Steel

Even veteran 80% lower builders make mistakes. And that router? It’s spinning those end mill bits are crazy speeds – occasionally, that bit might meet and greet the plates on your jig. That’s okay, because all the AR15 Jigs we sell are made from hardened steel, and all those plates and parts are easily replaceable. You can find some replacement plates here. What’s more, some of our AR15 Jigs even feature no-touch side plates, preventing the end mill bit on the router from ever accidentally contacting the jig itself. This ensures a perfect milling process with clean cuts and no risk to your jig itself.

The Easy Jig Gen 2 requires 90% less drilling than before, and its milling process ensures your bits never touch the steel plates of the jig itself!

We Provide Step-by-Step and Video Instruction!

In case you’re still nervous about milling and drilling your first 80% lower, know that we provide simple, easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials to guide you through every single step. Yes, mistakes can be made and overcome easily, but we’ll help you avoid them entirely just to make the entire process easy and fun. You can find some of our in-depth how-to guides and video instructions here


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