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80 Lower Receivers: 5 Differences Between a Good and Bad Lower

When purchasing an 80 lower receiver there are a few questions you should ask about the lower and where you are buying it from. AR 15 lower receivers are the heart of your firearm. It holds it all together and it’s important to invest in a quality piece of gear. The 5 differences between junk receivers and good 80 lower receivers can be determined by these five important questions.

Where It Is Made?

The point of origin for an 80 lower receiver makes a big difference as well. Since 80 lower receivers are not considered firearms, they can come from almost anywhere. This means they can, and have been imported from places like China. China makes great AKs for sure, but an AR-15 is a lot different than an AK.

American-made 80 lower receivers are arguably the best in the world. We have become an expert in the art of billet and forged lower receivers. Also, Chinese receivers have no relation to the states. They are mass imported and it may be difficult if not impossible to get a refund or replacement for a crap receiver.

Where Did You Buy the 80 Lower Receiver?

The best companies in the world will occasionally have a lemon. So the difference between a good company and a bad company is that when a bad receiver gets sold a good company makes it right. If a company consistently puts out junk they cannot afford to replace or repair every junk receiver they made.

Most shopping is done online these days, that is a fact. You cannot look at every piece of gear you buy online. So this is where a company with a good reputation comes into play. A company with a bad rep, or no rep is one you should avoid.

How Is It Made?

Is the receiver cast, forged, or billeted? Forged and billet are known for being the stronger methods to forming a 80 lower receiver. They are also the most consistent and less likely to produce an out-of-spec lower receiver. Cast lower receivers can be quality, but a lot of people who make cast receivers are not experienced enough to be consistent. A cast receiver is always a risky choice.

What Is It Made Of?

Using quality materials is the key to a nice 80 lower receiver. Admittedly the lower receiver of an AR is not put under much pressure. However, there are many repetitious acts that can eventually wear a receiver made of pot metal out. Stick to aluminums that are at least 6061 and for the absolute strongest go with 7075.

Who Backs It?

This can tie into where you buy it, but should have its own category in my opinion. Most receivers are going to have a warranty. The quality and fine print attached to that warranty is the tricky part. A good company is going to have a solid, easy to understand warranty. At, we back all of our products with a Lifetime Warranty. No non-sense. No hoops to jump through. 

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