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80 Lower Spotlight: 9mm AR-9 80% Billet Lower

9mm AR-9 80% Billet Lower (1-pack)

Here at, we don’t really how you choose to pew just so long as you pew. A gun, after all, is merely a tool and for every job there exists its proper tool. So if you find yourself fancying the unique AR-9 then we are here to support you with this 9mm AR-9 80% Billet Lower.

Like all of our products, this 80 lower is fully guaranteed and 100% American made. Before we get into the technical specs, let’s talk 80 lowers and building in general as we are huge proponents of the build strategy.

When in Doubt, Build an AR

For those who might be on the fence as to whether or not to build versus purchase completed, we reply with build, build, and build some more. It is no secret that the the aggressive actions of the gun grabbers are picking up steam and they are targeting the beloved 80 lower.

In states like California and New Jersey, they have put gun owners in a terrible predicament regarding their AR builds. That’s why if you are legally able to purchase an 80 lower today we recommend you do so and why not even buy your 80 lowers in bulk.

Currently in most states, you can purchase the 80 lower and have it shipped right to your front door without an FFL. The ATF doesn’t consider this a firearm until you complete the lower with one of our quality jigs. However, the biggest benefit you receive from building is that you are now the proud owner of the knowledge to secure your own 2A rights. T

hey might come for the guns one day, but they can never take the knowledge out of your head. With that being said, let’s get back to 9mm AR-9 80% Billet Lower.

Building the AR-9

The AR-9 was built to operate around the common 9mm cartridge and works great for home defense and operating in close quarters. However, like all good builds you still have to start with the right 80% lower. This lower is manufactured with 6061 billet aluminum. It brings with it a hard coat of anodized black finish and comes with enlarged magwell ramps for competition shooters.

You’ll find the milling process smooth and easy with jigs like the Easy Jig Gen 2. This jig will work on the AR-9, the AR-15 and even the LR-308. As mentioned before, this 80% lower is fully guaranteed. We don’t care if you think the lower simply gave you the stank eye when you opened the box, if you want to send it back then do so with no hassle.

However, we think you’ll be quite satisfied as we’ve taught all our products to love and appreciate their role in the pew universe. Not to mention you really shouldn’t be buying a product from a company unwilling to guarantee a big hunk of aluminum.

Here at AR-15 Lower Receivers, we know how to live this pew life right and we help you do so by gifting you magnificent products. Don’t forget to browse around and pick up the rest of your pew needs and remember, when in doubt, build!


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