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80 Lower Spotlight: Black 80% Lower Fire/Safe Engraved

Trying to decide which 80% lower you should pick for your first at-home AR build? Keep reading! First up on our 80 Lower Spotlight: The Black 80% Lower Fire/Safe Engraved! This super-affordable, mil-spec 80 lower is the crowd favorite, and for good reason:

Black 80% Lower Fire/Safe Engraved Features

  •         100% Mil-Spec
  •         Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum
  •         Type III Hardcoat Anodizing
  •         Fire/Safe Engraved
  •         Broached Magwell
  •         100% Made in the USA

Forged from 7075 T6 Aluminum

Built to be battle-ready, the Black Fire/Safe engraved 80% Lower is made from the same 7075 T6 aluminum alloy required in the U.S. Military’s own service rifles. Coated with a mil-spec Type III Anodized finish, this 80% lower’s capable of taking abuse like any standard-issue M4.

One of the Easiest-to-Machine 80% Lowers

The Black 80% Lower’s forged construction makes machining easier! The typical 80% lower jig’s end mill and drill bits perform better when cutting through a denser alloy like 7075 T6. That makes the Black 80% Lower the perfect choice for a first-time build.

If you’ve never machined metal nor handled many power tools, rest assured – this is a surprisingly easy project that can be completed in less than one day. We even provide detailed written and video instruction with our 80 lower jigs, so you have guidance with every step!

Total machining time usually takes less than one hour, less than 15 minutes with some jigs! You’ll need just a few basic hand tools to get the job done:

  •         Hand Drill
  •         80% Lower Jig
  •         Armorer’s Wrench
  •         AR-15 Roll Pin Punch Set
  •         Porter Cable Handheld Laminate Router

Most of the metal work’s done for you!

The Black 80 Lower Receiver is largely completed before you ever touch it. FIRE and SAFE markings come pre-engraved and all outer dimensions, threads, and holes are already milled and drilled. The only work you need to do to complete the Black 80% Lower involves the fire control area, again detailed in the tutorials you’ll receive with your jig!

Compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 Components

The Black Fire/Safe 80% Lower’s guaranteed to work with all off-the-shelf and mil-spec AR-15 components. That means you can piece together the perfect custom rifle, SBR, or pistol with this lower! Pair with a Classic Lower Parts Kit and Adjustable Carbine Stock and Buffer Tube Assembly, and you’ll have everything you need to complete the lower half of your AR-15.

Pair the Black 80% Lower with the Perfect Upper

And of course, the Black 80% Lower is compatible with all available AR-15 uppers! We currently feature a 5.56 AR-15 Pistol Upper with a 10.5” Barrel and MOE Handguard for your pistol or SBR build. Want to invest in a laser-accurate rifle build? Check our 223 WYLDE upper, featuring an 18” barrel and free-float 15” M-Lok handguard!

The barrels in every upper we sell are 100% made in the USA, forged from the highest quality CR-V steel. Each barrel’s cut and heat-treated to obtain a hardness rating of RC 32-33, allowing for sustained, accurate fire with any load.


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