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80 Percent Lower Receivers: 5 Reasons to Complete Your Own

Building your own AR from an 80 percent lower receiver is the best first time firearm building project. Even if you have almost zero technical know-how, you will be shocked at just how simple it is to build an AR 15. Here are the top 5 reasons to complete your own rifle using an 80 percent lower receiver.

Why Start With an 80 Percent Lower Receiver?

The Experience

Building an AR 15 is an awesome experience. If you are a natural tinkerer, or just curious how an AR 15 functions building a rifle can be a blast. It’s a challenge for sure, but like putting together puzzles, or building models, completing an AR 15 lower receiver is fun. It’s a unique experience that leaves you with something that goes bang once it’s built. The fun doesn’t end once the gun is built. It’s a literal blast after the AR 15 is finished.

Save Some Cash

The most effective means of saving money in the AR 15 world is to build it yourself. This allows you to choose every single element of your rifle, and get it right the first time. If you are meticulous, and demand high-end AR 15 parts, building a rifle will save you a lot of money. If you wanted to build a standard, nothing fancy rifle, the savings may be minimum. Once you start building a premium gun the price differences are going to be much more noticeable.

Using an 80 percent lower receiver allows you to even save on the background check, or any transfer fees. If you are a fan of custom finishes ordering a raw receiver makes having your gun coated or anodized cheaper since there isn’t a finish to remove.

No FFL Required

The ATF has determined an 80 percent lower receiver to not be a firearm. In their eyes an 80 lower is just a piece of aluminum. This all changes once you start milling out the fire control pocket. However, an unfinished 80% AR 15 lower receiver can be ordered online, and shipped to your front door. This means no ATF, and no FFL to deal with. This saves you time, money, and paperwork. It will also allow you to take immediate ownership and not have to wait for ridiculous waiting periods for a piece of aluminum.

Learn a Thing or Two

Building a rifle allows you to easily learn how exactly it works. Knowing how it works can help diagnose any issues you have with it in the future. You’ll also have a greater understanding of how to install upgrades, like a new trigger or handguard. Building a rifle is the best way to educate yourself on how a rifle functions.

It’s Easy

So the biggest reason is because it’s pretty easy. It can be a challenge, but it’s one of the best beginner firearm projects. It doesn’t snap together like Legos, but it’s far from impossible. With all the online AR 15 building resources (like our blog) out there it’s really hard to screw stuff up. If you’re nervous it’s too ‘difficult’ don’t be. Thousands of people have built AR 15s, and thousands more continue to do so.

It is time to complete your own 80 percent lower receiver. Now to just pick one.



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