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Am I Allowed to Build My Own AR in California?

The short and easy answer is yes. It is perfectly legal for you to build your own AR in the state of California. The longer and more complicated answer is that as of July 2018 you now have to dance like a clown through California’s not so subtle attempts at infringement.

However, with a little guidance you can certainly do so and we will even help you out along the way. That being said, you have to understand that we are not legal experts and we always recommend one examine their own state’s gun laws to be sure you are in compliance. Moreover, every single day after this article is posted the gun grabbing agenda will continue on a furious march.

So it is possible that what is true today regarding the 80 lower in the state of California may not be so tomorrow. So let us not tarry any longer and jump right into it.

The 80 Lower & The Curious Condition of California

While we won’t go so far as saying our brothers and sisters of the pew residing in the Golden State are behind enemy lines, for lovers of 2A liberty it might certainly seem so these days. For the rest of nation, building your own AR with an 80 lower is an easy exercise of constitutional liberty.

According to the ATF, an 80 percent isn’t considered a firearm until the part of the lower receiver that hosts the trigger housing group is milled out. Until that point, it’s just an oddly shaped piece of metal of no interest to the ATF. So buy as many 80 percent lowers in bulk as you want and have them shipped right to your front door.

It is only when the milling process is completed with an easy to use jig that applicable firearm laws come to bear. For most states, nothing really changes as you are not required to serialize the weapon or register it so long as the builder maintains possession.

In the State of California, on the other hand, you have to do couple of more steps. First of all, pay the Government some money. That’s right, what’s government if it isn’t reaching into your pocket a little bit. You’ll have to pay and apply for a serial number, which the government promises it won’t keep records on. That’s right, what’s government if it isn’t collecting data on you. Then, there are some physical features to the weapon that must be considered like you see in this California Compliant AR Build Kit.

80 Lower Knowledge is Power

Rather than complain about California, I think it is better that we thank them. Before you spit out your coffee, let me explain. California and states like New Jersey serve as a sort of canary pigeon in the mineshaft of 2A freedom. If you ever wonder what is coming down the pipeline in the gun grabbing agenda, just look to these two states. They are both aggressively targeting the 80 percent lower because they know what it represents. It represents the knowledge and power to take one’s own 2A liberty into their own hands. They know that once you have the knowledge to build your own firearm they will be helpless in their pursuit of unashamed infringement.

This is why you should build and build now, even in the state of California. For most of the country, you can still have these shipped by the truckload to your front door and it isn’t anyone’s business. You don’t even have to complete them. Rather, just store them away for a rainy 2A day when the gun control agenda comes your way.

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