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AR-15 Lower Receiver: This Single Product Will Officially Complete Your Build

So you’ve built your first, (or second, third, or fourth) rifle. You milled your own AR-15 lower receiver, assembled the kit and caliber of your choice. At this point, there are two things left to do. First, go shoot it, enjoy it, and the work you put into building it. The second thing is to do is protect your work and all the effort you put into making it.

This where a high quality, hard side locking rifle case comes into play. We always focus on how we protect our weapons when we are at the range. What lube do we use, how do we clean it, what do we do to keep rust and corrosion away when it’s exposed to the outdoors. That’s smart, and it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is not protecting your gun when it’s not in use. As tough as your AR-15 lower receiver is, there are components prone to damage.

If you go to the range every day for two hours that still leaves 22 hours of time where the rifle is being stored or transported. Focusing on keeping the rifle running on the range is important, but considering how to protect the rifle the other 99%of the time is also important.

AR-15 Lower Receiver - Rifle Case

All Weather Tactical

This is where a nice, well-built rifle case is extremely important.  We aren’t talking about a soft case that is basically a gun sock, but a hard sided case. A case that protects the rifle in case it is dropped, kicked, or abused. A case that you feel confident in trusting when you toss it into the back of your truck. Our tactical rifle case will do just that. Not only can it protect a rifle, but it can protect rifles. That’s right multiple rifles. This rifle case easily accommodates two ARs, or an AR and a ton of accessories and ammo.

This foam lined case is designed to stand up to the roughest treatment while protecting your rifle. The foam can be cut to accommodate a rifle quite easily and increase its protection. It has five latches to keep it nice and sealed when being stored. The latches and tight seating make this case waterproof. The latches also have an internal lock that secures the case and keeps unauthorized users out.

If the latch locks aren’t enough to secure the weapon to you, the case is equipped with two holes for extra padlocks. This makes the safe TSA compliant for travel as well. This tactical rifle case is made by Plano, a company that needs no introduction. Consider it a small investment to protect your big investment(s). What are you waiting for? Finish your AR-15 Lower Receiver build now:



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