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ARMaglock AR-15 Fixed Magazine & Release Solution

The gun laws made and implemented in California are often flagship laws for states not friendly to the right to keep and bear arms. California’s extreme anti-gun position causes new gun laws to be constantly created and implemented in a never ending war on the right to keep and bear arms. In what was dubbed the “Gunpocalypse of 2016“, California changed their assault weapons laws. Now rifles that use a bullet button will be considered assault weapons.

How does this affect California AR-15 owners? They now have until 2018 to register their bullet button equipped rifles as assault rifles. Registering requires extensive information on the firearms, the name, and home address of the owner, and a thumbprint on file. You’ll also be required to pay a fee for this honor. Button bullet rifles can be purchased and built until 2017.

Cross the other side of the country and you hit Connecticut and New York. These states becoming less and less friendly to firearms. Recently both states adopted similar assault weapons bans. The infamous SAFE Act added, even more, gun control to New York, and Connecticut added to their own assault weapon’s ban. Both assault weapon’s ban feature similar language, including a portion that defines ‘assault rifles’ as,

New York
Assault weapon means a semiautomatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine…

A semiautomatic rifle that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine…

The Solution

Since all three of these laws state an assault weapon is a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine and a one or two external features. Getting rid of all of these features is one such option, but is an expensive one. Featureless rifles do exist, but are expensive.

An easier and more affordable option is to simply erase the detachable magazine portion of your firearms. To do so you need to meet the definition of a detachable magazine and find a way around it. That is exactly what AR Maglock has done. The creator of the AR Maglock has now found a way to beat California laws, as well as New York’s and Connecticut’s assault weapons bans.

You can’t stop the signal!

The AR Maglock was born originally when California redefined a detachable magazine to include magazines that can be removed with a tool. Instead, they wrote the action needed to be disassembled to detach the magazine. The AR Maglock does exactly that. To reload an AR-15 you have to pull the rear takedown pin out, open the weapon up shotgun style, and hit the magazine release.

The AR Maglock will only work when the action is opened. The AR Maglock allows AR-15 owners to own their AR-15 rifles, to build rifles from 80% lowers, or even purchase AR-15 build kits without having to register them as assault weapons.

The device itself replaces your magazine release and locks the magazine in place. It presents you a small lever to release the magazine. The release can only function if the upper receiver is no longer putting pressure on it.

The AR Maglock is an ingenious solution to what is quickly becoming a problem. Installation is simple and takes about 5 minutes, and doesn’t require any real effort. There is even an extended rear takedown pin with a ring on it to facilitate faster separation of lower and upper receivers. Therefore faster reloads.

It’s a must have for those living in states that have Assault weapons bans. This solution shows you cannot stop the signal.


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