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Be Prepared for Anything with These Simple AR Upgrades

The data is conclusive and it tells us that most American citizens will live their entire lives without ever being shot at or having to shoot back in return. Most Americans will walk the streets unarmed and never be the worse off for it.

However, that data is of little consolation to the poor soul who fate picked out of the lottery and set them up for a gunfight. That data does nothing to protect one’s family when for reasons unknown the dastardly bad guys picked your house to exploit.

The 2nd Amendment stands synonymous with the word prepared. We hope we may never have to utilize its original purpose, but we stand ready all the same.

So if you’re looking to up your preparedness game without a lot of fuss you might want to consider these simple AR upgrades.

Start with an 80 Percent Lower

Before we get into the great array of options before you, let’s just go ahead and agree that you should be starting your AR build with an 80 percent lower. An 80 percent lower is the lower receiver of an AR that is only 80% complete. Brilliant product naming, we know.

The biggest advantage of an 80 percent lower is that until the milling process is complete on the 80 lower the ATF, by its own standards, has no choice but to consider this piece of gear a big useless hunk of metal. That’s why you can buy as many of them as you want and have them shipped directly to your front door with no FFL or questions asked.

Fortunately for you and the land of pew, we also sell some top quality and easy to use 80 lower jigs. Combine the jig, 80 percent lower and a basic caveman’s understanding of tools to have yourself one fully operational lower receiver.

Match that with the rest of the fine parts you see here in the AR build kit and voila, you are ready for range time or the zombie apocalypse. Now let’s talk a couple of simple upgrades.

Finding the Right AR Optic

Personally, we don’t like to engage in the “best gear” debates because it seems like everyone on the internet is an “expert” these days. Not to mention, a gun build really should be a personalized experience. Without exception, the best gear in the world is the gear with which you feel most comfortable and are most practiced.

However, if you are going to go with a flip up sight set then we are going to recommend this package from Magpul. They are made from high-quality polymer and will beat the socks off whatever standard factory issued sight that comes on most completed ARs.

I know optics and scopes are all the rage these days, but this old school Marine still loves his iron sights. However, if you want a simple no fuss optic then this Micro Red Dot Tactical Sight is going to give you everything you need to hit center mass in a variety of tactical situations. It’s made from heavy-duty 6061 hardened aluminum and features a fog resistant and waterproof design so you can still pew pew pew regardless of what mother nature throws at you.

Buy Yourself Some Time

Finally, let’s talk how you can buy yourself one of the most precious resources in the pew universe. That is time. Take a look at this Magpump AR-15 Magazine Loader and Unloader. Again, the old school Marine in me sort of relishes the slow process of loading one round a time in the field. It was time to collect one’s thoughts about upcoming course of action. But who has time for that on this side of the uniform? Sometimes, the wife gives you two hours of free range time and you want to spend as much of that shooting as you possibly can.

This bad boy can reduce a 30 minute job and turn it out in a couple of minutes. That means more range time and more training to prepare for the day you need it most. This pew life we live really is a lifestyle more than hobby.

Steeped in liberty, we are a community full of men and women who want to be prepared for the day others thought would never come. So don’t forget to check out the rest of our freedom inducing offerings at and live this life well.  


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