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Best 300 Blackout Build for the Money

As tax return season comes and goes, gun enthusiasts who love the art of the pew are faced with a difficult dilemma. Your wife sees those funds as a great way to pay off that nagging credit card. You, on the other hand, can see nothing more than your latest weapon build.

Given that the wife typically wins those conversations, let’s talk to the AR lover on a budget and discuss the best 300 Blackout build for the money. A gun is an investment, but not everyone has the capital to invest in blue chip stocks.

However, that doesn’t mean one can’t find a quality build that will deliver for them when it matters most and give you the best pew for the penny.

300 Blackout Builds are Made for Budgeting

Assuming you are not the person to be sitting in your oceanside pool sipping Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon while Alfred fuels up the Batmobile, you likely have a budget. That being said, building an AR is absolutely made for the gunslinger on a budget.

When you buy a completed AR of any variety, the whole cost comes at you right at the front. When you build, you get to space that cost out over time as your budget allows. So maybe you don’t even start with the Blackout portion of the rifle. Perhaps just pick up a good old fashioned 80% lower and wait.

Now $50 to $80 bucks doesn’t seem so hard to swing does it? Great, now you are on your way. Then, when it’s your lucky day and you find a couple of $20’s laying on the ground you grab you a quality 80 lower jig. So you are starting to get the picture here.

The cost of a Blackout build can vary wildly and even at the low end you still get some great bang for the buck. That being said, even if you don’t have the budget to pay for it in one chunk you can pace yourself. Let’s face it, if the first time you are ordering an AR part is the day of the zombie apocalypse you are screwed anyway. So you got time to take it easy on the budget and do it right.

Barrel Length Matters, But Should It?

While we recognize that budgets require people to quench every penny, we wouldn’t recommend sacrificing the mission to save a few bucks. 300 Blackout Pistol Uppers can be a little cheaper than the the longer barrels, but not to the extent that it is worth changing the intended function of the weapon build. If you are looking for some close quarters up close and personal gun fighting you are going to want a shorter barrel that sacrifices a little range. If that is the cheaper option for you, then great.

If, however, you are looking to reach and touch someone with enough power to make it hurt at 300 plus yards you are going to need a longer barrel. So if that is what you want to do then stick with it even if the longer barrel is a little more expensive. Spending money on something you don’t want is always more expensive than spending even more money than something you actually do want. If you are unsure what you want check out our Pistol Upper Buying Guide and our general 300 Blackout Upper Guide.

I’ll always stick to the notion that the “best” rifle for you is the one that suits you and the one you can afford. .300 Blackout Ammo is typically a little more expensive than the 5.56 so remember that cheap rifle that’s empty of ammo because you can’t afford it might as well be a hammer. Don’t sacrifice the purpose and mission for your Blackout build just to save a few bucks when you can build over time and be happy with the end product.

Be smart, shop savvy and if today is the Zombie Apocalypse it was too late for you anyway!



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