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Do I Need an 80 Lower Jig to Build a 300 Blackout?

So, you want to build an AR-15 chambered in 300 Blackout. Congratulations! You’ve stepped into a new, exciting niche of the black rifle world and you’ve decided to adopt a wildly versatile cartridge, capable of short- and medium-range shooting with brute force or whisper-quiet stealth. But, you’ve got to build that 300 Blackout rifle or pistol – should you go it alone and use an 80 Lower Jig? Short answer: Yes. Learn why below:

  1.    An 80% Lower Jig Guarantees Reliability

The 300 Blackout cartridge can be used in so many scenarios: Suppressed and supersonic, suppressed and subsonic, open supersonic, and open subsonic. That’s four different methods of cycling a big, heavy round. That means your stripped lower and parts kit need to be reliable and up to the task.

Sure, you could attempt to machine your lower without a jig, but it’s quite likely that, even as an experienced machinist, you’ll hit a snag. Your trigger might not play well with subsonic loads and reduced recoil energy. You could get a failure to feed. Your new, shiny 300 Blackout gun could just not run right. Get the 80% jig. It’ll guarantee fitment and reliability.

80 lower jig with 80 percent lowers

  1.    Using an 80% Jig Saves You Money

It really does, especially if you’re in the mood to build more than one just AR-15 (and who isn’t?). Think about it: You can even tell your significant other than by owning an 80% jig, you could build as many AR-15s as you want for as few dollars as possible. If that’s not a win-win, we’re not sure what is.

But in all seriousness, an 80% lower jig is a highly cost-effective piece of equipment, and it saves you loads of time and money on the retail gun store price gouging, the endless paperwork, and the expensive transfer fees and background check fees. Plus, you can get your 80% lowers shipped to your front door for next to nothing. No more paying $30 to $40 for shipping a firearm.

  1.    An 80% Lower Jig is universal!

300 Blackout is highly specialized and awesome cartridge, but the AR-15 that fires it is, too, considered a sort of specialty weapon. What if you want to own a good ole’ black rifle chambered in 5.56 or .223? What if you decide to kick it up a notch and build a badass bench AR-10 chambered in .308?

With an 80 Lower Jig, you can! Our jigs are pretty much universal – they can be used to build stripped lowers for basically every AR-15 lower and AR-10 lower currently available. That means you get to save money and enjoy a guarantee of reliability, regardless of what black rifle you build.

  1.    An 80% Lower Jig Guarantees your 2nd Amendment Rights

We’re not advocates for breaking the law, so we’ll be careful about how we say this: Owning an 80% Lower Jig guarantees your right to enjoy the 2nd Amendment, even if legislators decide to ban AR-15s on the shelves at stores. A hunk of aluminum is just that, until you machine it into a functional stripped lower receiver. We think that’s all we need to say.

Now get to building! Check our 300 Blackout build kits and 300 blackout uppers, and be sure to take a peek at our billet and forged 80% lowers – they’re both compatible with your 300 Blackout build.




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