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Do You Need an FFL to Buy an 80% Lower in 2019?

The short and simple answer is no. You absolutely do not need a Federal Firearms License to buy an 80% lower in the United States of America in 2019. Despite the best efforts of states like California, the ATF is still the guiding authority as to what constitutes a firearm and what does not.

As far as they are still concerned, an oddly shaped hunk of aluminum is still just that. The longer answer gets a little more complicated, but before we get into that we want to remind you that we are pew experts and not legal experts. So always check your local gun laws as they seem to be changing every day in this country.

Let’s jump right and cover a few guiding principles and thoughts regarding the legality of the 80% lower.

The 80% Lower California Conundrum

To our brothers and sisters of the pew who feel like they are behind enemy lines in the great State of California, we feel for you most. We could explain the full depth of California’s gun laws in this article but the article would likely be out of date before you even finished reading. However, currently can still purchase an 80% lower in the State of California and have it shipped right to your front door. It was only when you completed the lower that any applicable gun laws took effect.

As of now, when you complete the lower you have apply to the state for a serial number and of course pay the government a little money. What’s government when its not taking your money after all? That’s why we recommend not only buying an 80% lower, but buying your 80 percent lowers in bulk. You don’t even have to finish them all right away.

Simply store them up for a rainy 2A day and complete them with one of our quality American made 80 lower jigs when you need them most. Once again, we feel for you California shooters.

80 Percent Lowers in the Rest of America

Once again, we are not legal experts but the rest of America can still purchase 80% lowers with little hassell. Then again, New Jersey has made it nearly impossible to operate. So let that be the motivation for you to act now if you have always wanted to build your own AR. For most of America, once you have a complete AR you don’t even have to register it. So long as you, the owner and builder, retain possession of your masterpiece it is no one’s business what you do with your own property.

We believe that owning the knowledge to build your own rifle secures your 2A rights in perpetuity. Gun laws are constantly changing, but they will never be able to take the knowledge out of your head. Not to mention the fact that building an AR is some good quality American fun.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy the process is and once you build you’ll never go back. So don’t forget to browse around the rest of our liberty inducing products at and live this pew life the way it was meant to be lived.


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