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Expert Tips for Building Your Own AR-15

For most humans with opposable thumbs, if you can take an AR-15 apart and put it back together again then you have the skills it takes to build your own AR-15.

It’s really not that complicated a process as you simply order the parts you desire and assemble them like a lego masterpiece. However, if you really want to embrace the word “build” then you might want to consider starting out with an 80% lower receiver. With the proper tools and about 15 minutes of elbow grease, you can truthfully construct something that was once not a weapon into a fully functional firearm.

Not only does this allow you to own the quality control process from start to finish, but it offers you a great deal of anonymity and liberty that would otherwise be unavailable. That’s not to protect in some dastardly scheme, but rather it was never anyone’s business to begin with what you and 2nd Amendment decide to legally carry out together.

So let’s talk some expert tips on building your own AR and we’ll kick it off with the beloved 80 percent lower.

Start Your Build with the Right Parts

The first thing to consider when constructing your own AR build is to begin with the right parts. What makes the right parts? I’d submit to you that fully guaranteed American made products are a good start.

It just so happens that this is all you find here at It all starts with our 80 percent lower receiver that gifts liberty and pew to the masses. For those unaware, the 80 percent lower is simply the lower receiver of an AR that is only 80% complete. The beauty of this is that until the lower receiver completed, the ATF doesn’t consider this a firearm. That means you can have it shipped right to your front door without the necessity of an FFL.

The only other piece of gear you need is one of our premium American made 80 lower jigs to complete the milling process. In about 15 minutes, you’ll have a quality AR lower receiver ready for the art of pew. In most states, with the obvious California exception aside, you can then build your AR without any need for serialization or registration.

Again, we fully guarantee all our parts with a no hassle return policy. To be quite honest, you should be wary of any manufacturer that won’t fully guarantee an oddly shaped hunk of aluminum.

Find the AR that’s Right for You

The next piece of advice that any expert should give you is to find the build that feels right to you. If you are building any AR then you are going to get a fantastic piece of American firepower. However, the variations are many and you are the final judge as to the weapon that will protect you and your family when you need it most. We offer a host of complete AR-15 Build Kits that vary in one degree or another. The internet is full of “experts” on every gun forum known to man who will tell you that you should follow.

Rather than do that, we recommend you assess the mission and function you are trying to accomplish and let that be your guide. If you are more concerned with an up close and personal fight, you are going to be thinking about a shorter barrel or perhaps even a pistol option. If it’s distance you desire then go with a longer barrel and an optic.

The key is to pick the combination that you feel most comfortable with for it will be this familiarity with your gear that might make the difference in a fight. As the Rifleman’s Creed goes, this will be your rifle. There might be many like it, but this one is yours.

We don’t really care how you build so long as you build and you start it off with a liberty inducing 80 percent lower!


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