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Finish Your AR 15 Pistol Build with The KAK Shockwave

If you’re considering building an AR 15 Pistol, now is surely the time to do so. In early 2017, the ATF changed their mind on how a pistol brace can be used once again, allowing pistol braces to be shouldered – as long as that was not their original design intent. One of the most prominent and efficient arms braces is the KAK Shockwave. The Shockwave isn’t the only arm brace on the market, but it is one of the most effective, most affordable, and best looking options. With arm braces in mind, there aren’t many downsides to building an AR 15 Pistol Kit. The only real issue is how difficult it can be to shoot it accurately over long distances due to its size. The KAK Shockwave pistol brace makes shooting and handling your AR 15 Pistol much easier, and it even makes medium- to long-range shooting possible (thanks, ATF!).

A Complete AR 15 Pistol

For the longest time, the ATF opined that a pistol arm brace could not be pressed against the shoulder. Recently, however, they reversed course and said that occasional, incidental, and purposeful shoulder contact with an arm brace is legal and does not mean your pistol is now a short-barreled rifle (SBR). The key is that you cannot build an AR pistol with the express interest of shouldering it with an arm brace. Can the ATF read minds? No, so we’ll leave your interpretation of this requirement to your own imagination. 

AR-15 Pistol Kit (5.56 Caliber, 7" Barrel & Fixed Sight Magpul Hand Guard) w/ 80% Lower Receiver

With that said, the KAK arm brace cannot be modified in any way, especially with the intent to make it easier to shoulder. There cannot be a permanent set screw, and the use of Loctite to permanently place the arm brace is a no-go. It needs to be used as designed. 

The Shockwave’s Many Uses

KAK Shockwave Blade Stabilizer for AR Pistol

The KAK Shockwave functions very well as an arm brace. It allows you to rest the gun in the crook of your arm and stabilize it for easier shooting. With it, your AR 15 pistol is easier to use and much easier to aim properly. It’ll also be safer to use. The Shockwave is very thin and lightweight and doesn’t take away from the maneuverability of your AR 15 pistol. 

The Shockwave can also be used as a cheek rest. This allows you to utilize optics, especially magnified variable optics. Resting your cheek gives you a better platform for aiming the pistol with conventional sights and laying down accurate and precise fire.

Slide and Go 

Installation of the KAK Shockwave is simple and requires nothing more than a basic smooth body AR 15 pistol buffer tube. Slide it down the tube and you are good to go. It’s easy and highly effective. A simple screw allows it to maintain its position, and as long as the screw is friction fit only you are good to go. 

Regardless of how you utilize the KAK Shockwave Arm brace it really does make your AR 15 pistol look complete. Looks aren’t the most important factor, but they are definitely one we always consider. We like our rifles and guns to look good, and to function even better than they look. If one accessory can influence both why wouldn’t we use it? Give it a shot (pun intended), and pick it up with any of our pistol kits.



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