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How Long Would It Take a Bullet to Travel [Infographic]

We’ve all wondered about it at one point or another: “How fast would it take this round to reach [insert destination]?”  Well, we at AR-15 Lowers kicked the question around for some time debating it around the lunch table, in the shop or over drinks after work and making our best predictions. Soon enough, we decided it was time to crunch the numbers and figure out exactly how long it would take!


  • 5,56 chamber and a 45mm round with 55 gr.
  • Average bullet speed of 2,900 ft/second.
  • Ignore inevitable changes in windspeed, atmospheric pressures and gravity.

Points of Interest:

  • New York to San Francisco
  • Indiana to China
  • Earth to the Moon
  • Earth to the Sun
  • Earth to the North Star

Bullet Speed Calculations (Assuming an average bullet speed of 2,900 ft/second):

Again, assuming an average bullet speed of 2,900 ft/second:

  • .55 miles/second
  • 33 miles/minute
  • 1,977 miles/hour
  • 47,545 miles/day


The findings were actually shocking and fascinating! Check out the infographic below to see what we found!

80% Lower Receiver AR-15 Bullet Speed Infographic

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