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Our 5 Favorite 80 Lower Receiver Finishes

Target KW: 80 Lower ReceiverThe popularity of AR 15 rifles has made finishing them a major industry. Finishing an AR 15 lower can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. After you finish your 80 lower receiver you may decide you want a unique finish. Luckily you have options.Kameleon KamoKameleon […] […]

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You Completed Your AR 15 Lower Receiver, Now What?

So you finished your AR 15 lower receiver. Congratulations! We told you it wasn’t hard – a little challenging, sure – but not hard. You tossed an upper assembly on your completed AR 15 lower receiver, installed a lower parts kit, and you feel successful. And you should feel successful. What do you do now?AR 15 Lower Receiver […] […]

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California 2017 AR 15 Laws

California: Home to great food, beaches and beautiful views, and some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the United States. It seems every year there is a new, draconian and ridiculous gun control scheme coming out of the California legislature. The latest curveball thrown against the 2nd Amendment is another means to attempt […] […]

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AR 15 Jigs: The Router Run Down

Building your own AR 15 from scratch starts with an 80 lower, the will to build, a little determination, some instructions, and the proper tools, of course. One of the most important tools is the instrument you’ll use to mill your 80 lower receiver. It can be a router, a drill press, and for pro builders, even […] […]

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