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The Ultimate AR 15 Jig: The 5D tactical Jig

Before we get into talking about AR 15 jigs, let’s clear something up, first. Why bother with an 80 lower? The nicest part about 80 lower receivers is the simplicity in buying them. You can order online, and have one shipped directly to your door. The reason a lot of people are turned off by them […] […]

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AR 15 Accessories: The Free Floating Rail

It’s one of the biggest buzzes floating around the AR 15 realm (pun intended). Everywhere you look you see the terms “free floating barrel” and “free floating rail”. What does it mean? Why is it valuable? Is it worth investing in for a new build? These are all important questions you should be able to […] […]

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80 Lower Builds and The PCC Craze

We love Pistol-Caliber Carbines. Our veteran writer owns four of them, two being AR 15-based 9mm rifles. PPCs have become increasingly popular in the United States and it’s easy to see why: A 9mm AR 15 makes for a perfect regular or 80 lower build, and it can be done with a standard built or 80 […] […]

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What’s an AR 15 Muzzle Device, Really?

By now you know the dangerous end of your AR 15 upper puts out some serious flame and punch. Well, you should at least. The real question is how do you manage it and reduce it? We’re talking about your muzzle device – or lack thereof. Your black rifle’s muzzle device makes a considerable difference […] […]

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The PMag Torture Test! Can We Break One?

Is the Magpul PMag the best AR 15 magazine on the market? Plenty of people are likely willing to say it is, or it’s at least in the top three. Derivatives of the PMag are used around the world. The Navy SEALs who killed Osama Bin Laden were rocking PMags in their Hk416s when they took him down. […] […]

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