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How to Legally Build a Short Barreled Rifle

The latest fad in gun ownership (thanks largely to the ATF’s surprising stance on certain AR accessories) is building and owning NFA gun, especially Short Barreled Rifles, or SBRs. Short Barreled Rifles are a lot like AR 15 pistols, though pistols don’t get that expensive NFA designation. The kicker is the addition of a buttstock. […] […]

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KeyMod 101: Review and Installation

The KeyMod rail is one of the newer whizz-bang rail systems out there for AR 15s. Our writer’s time in the Marines was spent with rifles equipped with quad rails, so we were a bit skeptical when KeyMod (and M-Lok) came out – we quickly realized how innovative they are. KeyMod handguards are modular handguards […] […]

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Three Reasons Why You Need an AR 10

It’s cold and damp out, an early winter morning, and you took all that time to get to your favorite spot. Maybe it’s a tree stand, maybe you’re overlooking a ridge line. You’re perched with your AR 10 and you spy one of the biggest elks you’ve ever seen. You take a deep breath, and […] […]

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Why Your Next AR 15 Build Needs an 18″ Barrel

Most AR 15 builds are finished with a 16” barrel, and most would question why an extra 2” should even be considered. We’re here to provide some valuable firsthand experience and tell you why an 18” barrel is a great investment: Our veteran writer’s first exposure to the AR 15 family of rifles was the […] […]

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