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Why You Need a Fire/Safe 80 Percent Lower

Put enough guns into the hands of enough people and a negligent discharge is inevitable. Practicing good firearms safety will reduce the likelihood and it may very well be true that this has never happened to you. However, the truth is that they do occur and it can happen to some of the most professionally […] […]

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4 Best 80 Lower Build Kits

o, you’ve decided to build yourself an AR-15 from an 80% lower. First of all, great choice! However, you may find yourself wondering what your next step might be. In this article, we will recommend a few different kits that you could use to finish out your 80% lower. They kind of run the gamut […] […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Complete an 80% Lower Without a Jig

Yes, finishing an 80% lower is extremely easy. However, that does come with caveat. The lower should absolutely be finished with a jig. Let us start by saying this. It can be done.. but only under the perfect conditions.There are three main reasons you really shouldn’t do this: precision, time, and safety.Your Lower Parts Kit Requires PrecisionWhen […] […]

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