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The Cheapest 80 Lower Receivers of 2019

Summer’s finally here! The weather’s perfect and conditions are just right for range day. But you want to throw some rounds down range with a shiny new AR-15, right? Of course, before you do that, you’ve gotta build it. We’ll keep it short and sweet today: What’s the cheapest 80 lower receiver of 2019? We […]

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Is a Polymer 80 Lower any Good?

Is a Polymer 80 Lower Any Good - Blog Title Image

The AR-15 has always been constructed from good ole’ metal alloys: 4140 steel, 416R stainless, 6061 billet, and 7075 forged aluminum – all have contributed to the black rifle’s reputation for being reliable and battle-ready. But new build options have hit the 80 lower shelf with radical designs that promise to improve on the O.G. […]

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What is an 80 Lower Jig?

What is an 80 Lower Jig? The Easy Jig Gen 1

Many black rifle enthusiasts and gun owners build AR-platform rifles and pistols without ever visiting a gun store or FFL. The whole process starts with buying an 80% lower, a receiver blank the end user fabricates to make a firearm “from scratch”. Receiver blanks aren’t considered firearms by the ATF until you machine them, so […]

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