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Should I Use an 80 Lower Jig When Building an AR-15?

Let’s make this easy: Yes! Absolutely! Not doing so would be time-consuming, confusing, and frankly, probably a little dangerous. Our 80 lower jigs make the whole process so simple that literally anyone with two hands and opposable thumbs can do it. You don’t need any prior experience with gunsmithing, or even machining, for that matter. Let’s break down the reason why, yes, you should use an 80 lower jig when building your AR-15.

  1.    An 80 Lower Jig is Guaranteed to Work

Could you mill out an 80% lower at home with some power tools? Maybe. Will that lower of yours have the exact tolerances, depths, and hole diameters needed to reliability handle a lower parts kit? Probably not. Will this lower of yours shoot reliably, every time? Sorry, probably not.

Now an 80 lower jig, on the other hand, ensures you avoid all that. Our 80 lower jigs measure every depth and hole you need to machine and drill, to exact specifications needed for a lower parts kit. What’s more, our 80 lower jigs are built from thick, heavy-duty, hardened steel plates. They’re rock-solid and they’ll ensure you’re not fumbling around with your lower while you’re using those power tools.

  1.    Learning to Use an 80 Lower Jig is fun!

Being a gunsmith can be the most enjoyable experience possible, or a nightmare – there is no in-between. Using an 80 lower jig is fun and it’s a great learning experience. Hey, if you’re reading this then you’re probably the type who enjoys building his or her own stuff to better affect than the big manufacturers.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could build your own mansion, supercar? Better than the big guys? In this world, that’s probably not the case – but it is when it comes to building an 80 lower. Using an 80 lower jig ensure you’re working to the standards and quality control levels that real gun makers adhere to. The result is a professionally-built lower that you made yourself.

  1.    An 80 Lower Jig is the Only Safe Way to Build an 80 Lower

Remember reason #1? Using an 80 lower guarantees your new AR-15 lower receiver will work reliably. Not using a jig could result in a lower that’s been machined too little – or too much. Would you risk firing a weapon that’s not structurally sound? We don’t think so.

Poorly built lowers have cracked and exploded when fired – we don’t recommend looking it up on Google Images. Just trust us, an 80 lower jig is the only, truly safe way to machine an AR-15 lower receiver at home.

  1.    An 80 Lower jig Allows You to Build, Build, and Build again!

Look, even if you managed to finish an 80 lower without a jig, it’s probably going to leave you frustrated, unsatisfied, and utterly turned off at the idea of ever attempting the job again. Using an 80 lower jig takes less than two hours, and guess what? They’re entirely reusable! In fact, if you don’t make mistakes, an 80 lower jig will technically last forever.

Simply put, an 80 lower jig guarantees you’ll always have the right and freedom to build a quality AR-15 lower receiver at home, time and again. Read into that what you will. Convinced? Now get to building! Check out our 80 lower jig and lower combo kits here!


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