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State Restrictions on High-Capacity AR-15 Magazines

One of the most popular accessories for anti-gunners to target is the high-capacity AR-15 magazine. How exactly is a high-capacity magazine defined by anti-gunners? Well, that is a hard question to answer easily. 

However, the general assumption is that a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds is considered high-capacity and there are restrictions around these. The issue is that certain firearms are designed to work with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. For example, the AR-15 is designed to explicitly work with a 30 round magazine, so 30 round magazines are standard capacity for the AR-15.

Here are states that have AR-15 magazine restrictions:

State Firearms Restricted Legal Capacity
California All 10 rds
Colorado All 15 rds
Connecticut All 10 rds
D.C. All 10 rds
Hawaii Handguns Only 10 rds
Maryland All 10 rds
Massachusetts All 10 rds
New Jersey All 15 rds
New York All 10 rds (5 for NYC)

Most often, states attempt to restrict AR-15 magazine capacity due to public safety reasons or after a tragic shooting. The thought behind the restrictions is that one can do less damage if they have to reload their weapon. This causes heavy restrictions that may not be completely warranted.What’s also important to remember is that some localities go even further than the state’s laws, like New York City’s 5 round max capacity. Most states will also allow grandfathered mags to be owned and used, but they cannot be sold, given away, or even lended between shooters. San Francisco has gone far enough to completely ban magazines, including grandfathered magazines. Solutions To Mag RestrictionsFortunately, there are tons of modern, well-made AR-15 magazines that allow shooters to enjoy these firearms for recreational use, even when capacity is restricted. Most of the big magazine companies out there produce variants for those who live in states with capacity restrictions.

Some manufacturers include:


Magpul PMAG 10 rounder is one of the go-to AR-15 magazines for those trapped in capacity-restricted states. Like all Magpul products, they are well-made and extremely durable. They are also compatible with Magpul accessories. 


Hexmag produces polymer 10 and 15 round AR magazines. The difference with Hexmags is the fact they produce their 10 and 15 round magazines to look like normal 30 round magazines. This may be an aesthetic choice, but it does give the rifle (or AR pistol) a more complete look.

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense produces a 10 round version of their DD 32 that also looks like a full-sized AR magazine.

AR Stoner Company

Lastly, there are a wide variety of different standard metal mags in 5, 10, and 15 round variations. The AR Stoner company produces excellent reduced capacity magazines for the AR-15 platform. 

The good news, for those in states with restrictive gun laws, is that there is always an alternate solution. The wide variety of quality magazines make AR-15 magazine restrictions more of a mild inconvenience than a true mountain to climb. Keep building, my friends.



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