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The 6 Steps to Clean Your 80 Lower Receiver Like a Boss

Cleaning your rifle is one of the responsibilities of owning a rifle. The AR 15 and AR 10 designs are built for professionals who have the means and the know-how to keep their weapons clean. It is an important step in the basic maintenance of your rifle. Cleaning your 80 lower receiver is far from difficult, and is really the easiest part of owning a rifle.

Having the knowledge and ability to keep your rifle well maintained, will keep it functioning longer and running reliably for years to come. Cleaning your 80 lower receiver is a pretty simple affair, and luckily you can do it with a variety of both store bought goods and household items. 

Why Bother With Cleaning? 

While your 80 lower receiver isn’t the dirtiest portion of your weapon, it still should be cleaned regularly. In some areas of the country, you may have to fear corrosion. For example, if you live near the coast, or in a humid environment, corrosion is a real issue. The parts in your lower receiver aren’t exactly brittle, but they are small and rust can chew through them pretty quickly.

The lower receiver will receive some carbon and you want to avoid any buildup because it can interfere with how the weapon functions. The same goes for the buildup of dirt and debris. Dirt and debris also can cause malfunctions with how the weapon functions and its overall reliability.

What You’ll Need

I always suggest purchasing a solid 3-in-one cleaner. Often known as CLP, it’s an acronym for clean, lubricate, and protect. CLP is the chosen cleaning liquid for the U.S. Armed forces and multiple police agencies.

You will also need a good rag, a brush to remove carbon buildup, and of course CLP. The brush can be a dedicated all-purpose brush, or an old tooth brush and I’ve found an old cotton shirt to be one of the best rag options. You can also throw in a few Q-tips for deep cleaning.

The 6 Steps To Cleaning

Step 1: Starting with the 80 lower receiver go ahead and douse the brush in CLP. Begin scrubbing the inside of the receiver, paying attention to the fire control group. This area needs plenty of lubrication.

Step 2: Clean the hammer and bolt catch well, and use Q-tips to get those hard to reach spots in the fire control pocket.

Step 3: Apply a little CLP to a rag and wipe the outside of the weapon, pay attention to the magazine release and bolt release. Make sure all of the dirt is removed from these areas. If they get gummed up they’ll be a huge pain.

Step 4: Remove the buffer and buffer spring. Scrub the face of the buffer if necessary. Wipe the buffer and spring down with a rag coated with CLP.

Step 5: Remove the stock and inspect for dirt and sand. If dirt or sand is present, wipe it off with the rag This will make sure your stock opens and collapses easily.

Step 6: Put it all back together. That is all there is to it!

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