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Three Reasons Why an AR 15 is a Perfect Survival Rifle

Right now, we know lovers of the AK are spitting their coffee or whiskey out of their mouths at the site of that headline. So while they are continuing to rage, let us tell you why we think the AR 15 is a perfect survival rifle.

Certainly, we sell 80% lower receivers and that might just seem like a good business decision to recommend as much. However, stick with us on the logic here and I think you’ll be convinced yourself. Normally we don’t like to delve into such gun debates as everyone these days seems to be an “expert” on every gun forum known to man.

In addition, we believe that each shooter should determine for themselves the gear that works best for them. With that in mind, welcome back to the conversation our AK lovers as it is indeed a fine weapon. Let’s talk AR-15’s now.

The AR 15 America’s Firearm

The AR 15 is without a doubt America’s favorite weapon and we have a mountain of sales of our 80 percent lowers to prove it. With every new announcement of a gun grabbing measure, they fly off our shelves quicker than we can restock. The 80 percent lower, of course, is the lower receiver of an AR that is 80% complete.

With any 80 lower jig, you can then mill it out and turn it into a serviceable weapon. The beauty is that until you do, the ATF doesn’t consider it a firearm meaning you can order these and have them shipped to your front door with an FFL.

If our sales are any indications, parts to build or repair an AR of any variety are strewn across this nation from sea to shining sea. For this reason, we think that AR is the perfect survival rifle here in North America. Running from zombies in the middle of Siberia or the mountains of Afghanistan, then by all means take your AK with you. However, when we think survival we are thinking about how stick it out for the long haul. Not to mention that you can even buy your 80% lowers in bulk and store them away for a rainy day.

The AR 15 is Versatile

The other thing we like about the AR platform is that it is extremely versatile. Not only are there continuous configurations you can play with, but you can actually swap out the upper reciever of the AR for a completely different mission.

With the 300 Blackout Upper, you can add penetration power to your shoot if needed. Not to mention the 300 Blackout allows you to swap between regular and subsonic ammunition without loss of function.

When the object of your anger is up close and simply must be killed right away, go 300 Blackout. When you need to reach out and touch someone down range at a distance you can simply swap out the upper receiver and you are back to the 5.56. In the end, versatility and adaptability wins the day in a survival scenario which is one more reason to go with the AR.

It’s a Lightweight Weapon

That’s not to say this weapon is a lightweight in a fight. Rather, this weapon doesn’t weigh that much in a fight. Your standard AK is going pack a few extra pounds than most AR builds and that matters in a fight for your life. Moreover, assuming we are in a survival scenario then what one can carry on their back is all one could truly depend on having. Shedding a little weight to have this top performing rifle is well worth the trade.

So there you have it. The AR platform is everywhere in America because it’s America’s weapon. That’s why we also ensure we only offer 100% American made products with a 100% guarantee. The AR is versatile. Whether you are looking at adding or reducing barrel length you can do so simply by swapping out the upper receiver. You can even change the entire nature of the shoot with the 300 Blackout.

Finally, the weapon is light as a feather. Trust this old crusty Marine, weight matters in a long protracted fight for survival. Don’t forget everything else you might need in a fight and check the rest of our offerings at


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