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Three Reasons Why You Need an AR 10

It’s cold and damp out, an early winter morning, and you took all that time to get to your favorite spot. Maybe it’s a tree stand, maybe you’re overlooking a ridge line. You’re perched with your AR 10 and you spy one of the biggest elks you’ve ever seen. You take a deep breath, and you’re happy you brought the .308 AR 10 that day – not the 5.56 or .223.

The AR 15 is a fantastic rifle, and it’s great for medium game. But that big elk, well, it’s too big for the AR 15’s .22-caliber round. The full powered AR 10, however, is perfect. The AR 10 is just a little heavier, a little beefier, but it’s a lot more powerful. Both rifles physically and mechanically have a lot in common. Most folks can’t tell the difference. That’s good news for you because you can easily build your own .308 black rifle starting with an AR 10 80 lower!

The AR 10 is Modern, Full Powered Rifle

Why build one? Outside special military groups, the AR 10 is widely regarded as the most advanced and capable semiautomatic, full powered rifle. Like you’ve built any other rifle, you’ll start at the lower receiver and you work your way up. From a simple AR 10 80 lower receiver you can build a dedicated sniper rifle, a hunting rifle, or a heavy metal competition rifle.

The AR 10 platform is highly modular. It uses many parts that are interchangeable with the AR 15 (including stocks and buffer tubes), so you can configure the rifle any way you desire. You’ll have a wide variety of barrel lengths, stocks, and rails to build your gun. And while those special military groups may not like to admit it, The AR 10 is also the most accurate full powered semi-auto rifle out there thanks to the competitive black rifle market. It outperforms rifles like the G3, the FN FAL, and even the M1A. Let’s break down those three big reasons why you need an AR 10:

1. It Goes The Distance

Imagine that Elk we talked about earlier is a deer. That’s perfect for the AR 15, but imagine that the elk is out at about 300 yards. Without a doubt, the AR 15 can hit a target at 300 yards, but will it transfer enough energy to humanely kill that animal?

The AR 10’s powerful 7.62 round makes it better suited for longer range engagements and allows shooters to really reach out and touch their target. The 7.62’s effective range is around a thousand yards, which is double the standard 5.56’s range. This makes it better suited for competition shooting, long range hunting, and tactical sharpshooting.

2. It Hits Harder

The 7.62 is considerably larger and heavier than the 5.56 load with the standard 7.62 bullet weighing nearly twice as many grains as the standard 5.56 bullet. This gives the AR 10 more punch and transfers more pound-feet of energy into a target. This makes the AR 10 a better choice for hunting sizable game like elk, bear, and large hogs. The round’s penetrative power is substantial, and there isn’t much that can withstand it.

3. It Starts With a Simple 80 Lower

Just like the AR 15, the AR 10 lower receiver is the actual firearm portion of the weapon. This allows you to utilize an 80-percent AR 10 lower. You can ship it straight to your door and it’s even built generally the same as an AR 15 80 lower! The only challenge can be finding a solid jig for the AR 10 80 lowers, but we’ve got you covered. Easy Jig just released a Generation 2 Jig that works perfectly with the AR 10 and the milling process is the same.

Black AR-10 80% Lower Billet Fire/Safe Engraved (1-Count)

The Easy Jig Gen 2 is so easy to use it’s essentially mistake-proof. All you need is a router, an AR 10 80 lower (we’ve also got you covered!), and the Easy Jig to complete the lower! We even carry replacement jig parts so you can build more than one rifle and a punch and roll pin set for all those lower parts. From there, it’s simple to start and finish the assembly process. Piecing together your AR 10 is truly identical to building a standard AR 15.

Easy Jig Gen 2 & Tooling (AR-15 / .308 Jig)

The AR 10 is a simple, accurate rifle that makes a great addition to any AR family. Its long range potential alone makes building one worth your time, and we strongly recommend at least taking a look if you want to reach out and ring some steel.



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