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Top 3 80 Lower Receivers of 2018

We’re only three months into the new year and we’ve already seen exciting releases and new products in the 80% lower world. In case you’ve been missing out on the latest and greatest, we’re here to go over the top 3 80 lower receivers of 2018 – be careful reading, you might just find yourself parting out that new build in the next 15 minutes.

Top 3 80 lower receivers of 2018: Number One is…

Premium Black 80% Lower Billet Fire/Safe Engraved (1-Count)

Our new Premium Billet 80% Lower! This bad boy features some nice little touches that’ll make you question why they were never introduced with the AR 15 decades ago. First, we threaded the bolt catch release hole so you don’t have to risk losing that tiny lil’ roll pin and sabotaging your build (and no more risking scratching up your finish before your pistol or rifle’s ever assembled).

Then, we thought, “what a great idea!” so we did the same thing to the rear takedown detent hole. Again, no more struggling to force a tiny, annoying roll pin into place – that one last step preventing you from finishing your build.

What’s more, our Premium Billet 80% Lower is ergonomically designed and aesthetically improved, featuring a reinforced and very cool trigger guard with matching broached and beveled mag well. The whole thing’s made from quality 6061 T6 aluminum, promising easy machining and a perfect finish.

Remember, no FFL is required to own or build this 80% lower and it ships straight to your door! It’s even pre-engraved with FIRE and SAFE markings, so all you need to do is grab a jig and machine for about an hour.

Top 3 80 lower receivers of 2018: Number Two is…

Number two on our list is our AR-10 80% Lower! This guy’s the same quality piece of equipment as our Premium Billet Lower, save for the fancy threaded stuff. However, it does afford black rifle builders with an affordable, quality AR-10 lower in a market where so few are available.

This lower’s picking up steam and gathering notice because of its affordability and quality. At its price, it sells fast so be sure to keep an eye on it! Grab one while you can, pair it with an 80% lower jig and our by-design 80% lower router, and become the next proud owner of your own, home-built AR 10.

Top 3 80 lower receivers of 2018: Last, But not Least…

By popular demand we’ve gotta elect our good ole’ tried and true, simple, affordable, tough-as-Hell 7075 Forged 80% Lower. With so many positive and overwhelming reviews, this insanely cost-effective, quality 80% AR-15 lower is a poster child for proud black rifle builders. It’s a poster child for the 2nd Amendment in a time when our rights are threatened. 


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