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Top 5 Ways to Customize A Lower Receiver

The ability to customize a lower receiver is just one more benefit to add to the list of advantages that come with the AR-15 platform. When building your custom AR-15, each part of the lower receiver can be purchased separately and added independently. Customizing your lower receiver allows you to build a firearm exactly like you want it.

After you’ve purchased a lower receiver, consider how each part you add to the lower will benefit the overall performance of the AR. Whether you’re into varmint hunting or simply enjoy spending a day at the range, your rifle’s components can make a big difference in what happens downrange.

Top 5 Ways to Customize a Lower Receiver

While each AR-15 operator will have specific objectives when assembling their AR, here are a handful of helpful suggestions you may want to consider when customizing your lower receiver.

1. Trigger (Fire Control Group)

The first item to consider when customizing your AR-15’s lower receiver is the fire control group (FCG). The FCG or otherwise known as the trigger assembly plays a critical role in the accuracy and function of your AR.

The marketplace is full of trigger choices. From singe-stage, two-stage, adjustable, match, and so forth, the options are endless when it comes to triggers. Custom triggers come in a wide variety of styles and should be chosen based upon individual needs.

2. Buttstock

If you’re new to the world of AR’s and not familiar with how a buttstock can make a difference in the proper fit of your firearm to your body, take the time to familiarize yourself with various styles of buttstocks.

While a high-quality adjustable stock will work for most applications, your shooting style and rifle’s purpose should determine what stock you choose to add to your lower receiver. Customizing your lower receiver with a quality buttstock can make your rifle have both a custom fit and feel.

3. Grip

The pistol grip may seem like an insignificant part of your lower receiver, but it can make a significant difference in the feel of your AR-15. A custom grip that is ergonomically designed to fit your hand will assist in trigger control, recoil control and overall accuracy.

Much like the buttstock, choose a grip based upon shooting style and stance. Your rifle’s grip is not about looks—it’s about increased performance.

4. Ambidextrous Safety Switch

When customizing your lower receiver, consider an ambidextrous safety switch. This small upgrade will allow you to control the safety switch with either the right or left hand. Adding these types of functions to your AR can make all the difference when speed is of the essence.

5. Color

While performance is the main reason for customization, personal pride also plays a role. Take customizing your lower receiver to another level by choosing a custom color for your AR. There is an array of custom colors available today and each can be coordinated with the upper receiver to give your rifle a one-of-a-kind look.


To truly customize your lower receiver, build your AR for a dedicated purpose. Such as if you’re a long-range shooter, focus on the best possible components for long range shooting. This will insure your rifle is customized for performance and built around personal preference.

There is no substitute for a custom AR built exclusively by and for you. For more information on building a custom AR check out our helpful resource for AR builders.

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