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Two 80 Lower Jigs to Complete an 80 Lower Receiver

There are so many 80% lower jigs available, it’s tough to pick which one is best for you. We’re detailing our most popular 80 lower jigs and their biggest features, so you can make the decision with more confidence. Keep reading to see our top two 80% lower jigs for completing an 80 lower receiver!

#1: 80% Lower Easy Jig with Tooling (Most Affordable)

Chances are you’re interested in building your AR-15’s 80 lower receiver with the intent of saving some cash, right? So first up on our list is the most affordable 80% lower jig available, the 80 lower Easy Jig with Tooling! Coming in well under the $200 price point, the Easy Jig Gen 1 is easy on the wallet. More importantly, it’s still simple to use!

The Easy Jig Gen 1 is great for beginners because of its simplicity. Although it’s only capable of finishing standard AR-15 lower receivers, The Easy Jig Gen 1 is just as precise and worthy as any other jig. The Easy Jig Gen 1 easily finishes over 20 lowers with original hardware and equipment, making it perfect for the beginner who wants to test their hand at machining with numerous lowers.

Even better, the Easy Jig Gen 1 does not require a drill press! Built-in drill depth guides remove any guesswork and unguided measuring – you simply set the depth the jig measures and push your end mill bit through to make passes and remove metal. Simple, and total machining time takes less than an hour. If you ever make any mistakes, each plate is individually replaceable.

The Easy Jig Gen 1 also includes the tooling you need in the box!

• 3/8” Drill Bit
3/8” Drill Bit Stop Collar
5/32 Drill Bit
19/64 Drill Bit
¼” Carbide End Mill Bit

#2: Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform with Tooling (Most Popular)

Up next is a universal 80 lower jig that’ll allow you to build any AR-15, DPMS gen 1 .308, and AR-9 lower receiver in one: The Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform! At just over the $200 price point, the Easy Jig Gen 2 is still affordable and easy to use. This is the perfect jig for the builder who wants to save some cash while still enjoying the opportunity of building a full-length .308, 5.56 or .223 rifle, and a 9mm AR pistol.

The Easy Jig Gen 2 builds off the Easy Jig Gen 1’s simplicity and popularity while incorporating some updates and new features. You’ll enjoy a new shop vac attachment for easy clean-up, and switching between AR-15 and AR-9 lowers take just a few seconds – no disassembly required!
The Easy Jig Gen 2 also cuts down on machining time, requiring just one hole to be drilled before machining.

Total machining time has been reduced to under 30 minutes. Of course, built-in measuring guides are included, and the Gen 2 has been tested with 23 of the most common handheld routers to ensure compatibility with your home tools.

There are plenty of awesome features that make the Easy Jig Gen 2 a popular pick!
7-pound weight ensures a solid machining workstation
Hardened drill block makes drilling easy and precise
Included manual, quick-start guide and video tutorial download
No disassembly required to swap lowers or calibers
Larger, reinforced ¾” no-touch side plates


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