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What is an 80 Lower Jig?

What is an 80 Lower Jig? The Easy Jig Gen 1

If you love AR-15s but don’t know what an 80 lower jig is, don’t fret! As politicians continue waging war against the Second Amendment, the 80 percent lower continues to become the most popular way to build an AR-15 legally, at home, for less cash! If you’re not sure what an 80 lower is, just keep reading. The second critical half of this equation is found in the 80 lower jig. So, what is it?

The beauty of the 80 percent lower

Before we talk about the 80 lower jig, let’s cover the 80 percent lower in a little more detail. An 80 percent lower is the lower receiver of an AR that is, wait for it, 80% complete! In the eyes of the law, an 80 lower is simply a piece of aluminum. This means you can buy as many of them as you want and have them shipped right to your front door without the need for a FFL. Completing an 80 lower at home is 100% legal in all 50 states at the time of this publication.

So, what’s an 80 lower jig?

Completing your 80 lower and turning it into an AR-15 stripped lower receiver is where the AR-15 jig comes in. The jig is the tool that you’ll use to finish drilling and milling out the 80 lower. This allows you to install the fire control group (your trigger and lower parts kit).

Only once you’ve machined your lower with your jig does it become a firearm in the eyes of the law. Completing your 80 percent lower with a jig requires no FFL, background check, or federal paperwork!

States like California require that you apply for a serial number and give the government some cash before machining. Other states may have similar requirements, so check first before using your jig to complete your lower.

80 lower jigs are easy to use!

If you’ve never built an AR-15 before and you’re intimidated by the 80 lower jig, don’t be. Using an 80 lower jig is remarkably easy. Each of the 80 lower jigs we sell includes easy-to-follow instructions, and we even created a video tutorial to show you how easy it is!

With a jig like the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform (shown in the tutorial above) you can complete your 80 percent lower with just some basic tools in the garage or basement, no drill press or big, commercial machines required!

Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform with Tooling (AR-9 / AR-15 / LR-308) - Blog Photo 2

The great thing about this jig is that it’s compatible with the AR-15, AR-9, and the LR-308. That’s one jig supporting most AR platforms, so you can build almost anything! All you need to do is swap the lower receiver and change how the jig’s plates are oriented. Then, you can get right back to building!

One 80 Lower Jig, Three AR-15s!

Freedom Combo AR-15, AR-9, and AR-10 80 Percent Lowers with Easy Jig Gen 2 - Blog Photo 1

If you can’t decide which platform to use then pick up our Freedom Combo 80% Lower and Jig Kit! This nifty 80 lower jig kit includes the popular Easy Jig Gen 2 with written instructions and video tutorial. It also includes three of our most popular 80% lowers in different calibers!

That means you’re getting the standard AR-15, the new AR-9, and the AR-10/DPMS LR-308 lower – three rifle or pistol projects in just one kit, with free shipping!


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